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On the visual side, the new region code is now in SVN along with the samples I used during it's development. As a good citizen (and at Miguel's request ;-), I have even documented the whole approach. As a bonus you also get some basic instructions on how to use Valgrind to debug memory leaks with Mono.

Further work on libgdiplus has fixed a lot of small bugs and we almost have clipping under control. Here's ZedGraph from a few weeks ago versus today (SVN). As you can see there is still work to do on the gradient brushes to get the intended results.

On the invisible (dark?) side, I've added a new rule to Gendarme. It is a very simple portability rule that checks where your code use \r and/or \n instead of Environment.NewLine. The main purpose was to show (again) how easy it is to use Mono.Cecil.dll to create a new rule. Sample is complete with the Makefile modifications and the unit tests!

3/31/2006 09:51:41 | Comments

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