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Almost forgot...

I'm going off on vacations tonight, but cannot leave without mentioning some (old) news. First it seems I completely forgot to blog any screenshot of the fully working LinearGradiantBrush :-|. A big thanks goes to Bill Holmes for figuring out the exact behaviour of the linear gradient.

ZedGraph sample executed under MS.NET and GDI+

yep, that's the real thing: Mono and libgdiplus

Actually it's been fixed for quite a while but, unless I'm mistaken, it was fixed just after we released Mono 1.1.15. Anyway Mono 1.1.16 is out with a lot more fixes, so enjoy it (and fill bug reports!).

7/7/2006 08:55:29 | Comments | Permalink

Almost forgot... (part 2)

More last minute stuff. Gendarme version was released (a few weeks ago). The major point of doing this release is to make available the new rules made by:

  • Aaron Tomb, who added new rules for Concurrency and Correctness (based on his works in Google's Summer of Code 2005 and updated the framework;
  • Russell Morris, who added new rules for exceptions management; and
  • myself with the simple sample rule and some build related updates, like self-tests (i.e. running Gendarme on Gendarme).

We're still looking for volunteers to create more rules, a GUI for the tool (and provide me some screenshots for blogging ;-), MonoDevelop integration, build integration (i.e. running the rules each time Mono is built) ...

7/7/2006 17:06:45 | Comments | Permalink

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