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Looking for perfect security? Try a wireless brick.
Otherwise you may find some unperfect stuff here...


Almost forgot...

I'm going off on vacations tonight, but cannot leave without mentioning some (old) news. First it seems I completely forgot to blog any screenshot of the fully working LinearGradiantBrush :-|. A big thanks goes to Bill Holmes for figuring out the exact behaviour of the linear gradient.

ZedGraph sample executed under MS.NET and GDI+

yep, that's the real thing: Mono and libgdiplus

Actually it's been fixed for quite a while but, unless I'm mistaken, it was fixed just after we released Mono 1.1.15. Anyway Mono 1.1.16 is out with a lot more fixes, so enjoy it (and fill bug reports!).

7/7/2006 08:55:29 | Comments

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