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Maybe a few people noticed Zoltan's patches to remove some "" inside corlib source code, I know I did. I also felt the urge to write a Gendarme rule to find all of them (fixing being another story that, like Gendarme, gladly accept contributions), so here's come UseStringEmptyRule and the mandatory unit tests.

Speaking of emptiness, I just watched Touching the Void on TV. Impressive and, as a bonus, I feel a lot less c12n tonight.

8/22/2006 22:33:29 | Comments | Permalink

I'm not alone

No, I'm not alone to blog about Gendarme. Contributor Russell Morris has a funny story to tell about a NullReferenceException.

8/15/2006 14:36:45 | Comments | Permalink

at last...

As promised since mono 1.1.9 (and as reminded by Hubert) mod_mono now supports client certificates, i.e. HttpClientCertificate will return the excepted values (see the sample I did for XSP).

BTW HttpClientCertificate is a very bad name as it's not HTTP but HTTPS related and it has properties about the server certificate too.

8/3/2006 14:22:39 | Comments | Permalink

Writing Gendarme rules using MonoDevelop

Every time I blog about Gendarme it seems to attract a few more interested people (or emails). I guess it's worth blogging more to see if this rule holds true...

MonoDevelop has changed a lot since the last time I used it. Since I updated to SLED10 I decided it was time to use MD more often. So I took a little time to create a solution/projects for Gendarme. This should make it easier to contribute new rules (hint ;-) and also run the unit tests without even seeing a terminal console.

8/1/2006 09:25:52 | Comments | Permalink

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