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Checklist - final

Clothes, toothbrush, laptop, pda, passport, e-ticket , building pass (huh, #@&^, oh... ah!, check), water (hmm... maybe next time) ... all set. It's a go!

10/17/2006 20:53:08 | Comments | Permalink

Checklist - monoXide

Commit monoXide. Another of my pet project that waited too long to get into SVN. Monoxide is, in a kind of ying-yang way, the other half of Gendarme. Some people may recall my experiences (1 2 3) with Cecil and Dot some months ago. Well this is the quick-n-dirty Gtk# GUI I did on top of that. Why is it on my checklist ? because it's part of the security presentation in next week's Mono meeting.

Just like Crimson this one merits it's own wiki page - well as soon as I return home (give or take a few weeks ;-).

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Checklist - Gendarme

Next in the list is Release Gendarme 0.0.3. Many things have changed since the previous release of Gendarme and I suspect the Mono meeting will have an even greater impact on the next release.

New features in this release are:

  • Console runner updates, including output to XML and HTML;
  • Updated home page with good and evil (well maybe just bad) examples;
  • A new performance rule, UseStringEmptyRule;
  • Solutions and project files to build Gendarme, it's rules and unit tests with MonoDevelop and Visual Studio 2005;
  • and of course lots of bug fixes :-)

The source-only release can be downloaded here. All my thanks to every contributors!

10/16/2006 17:15:15 | Comments | Permalink

Checklist - Crimson

I'm leaving for Boston on Wednesday morning. This time I got lucky with a direct flight between Quebec City (YQB) and Boston (BOS) - no stop in Montreal or Toronto :-).

It's time to shorten my preparation checklist, starting with Commit Crimson. Some may have guessed that Crimson is about Cryptography, while some may not have heard the name yet. More information and discussions will happen at the Mono meeting. More code and blog entries afterward...

10/16/2006 15:00:43 | Comments | Permalink

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