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Gendarme and UI

No there still no UI for Gendarme - but that doesn't mean Gendarme cannot do UI.

Last week the "there's a console showing in my GUI app" issue showed up again on mono-list. So I invited anyone to provide a Gendarme rule for this recurring problem. However no one took up the challenge, so yesterday night I did it. Not that I needed it but to show how easy it is to write such rules (don't worry I have a very long list of easy rules if you feel like ruling the world).

Like I said the rule is very simple. So simple that I made two rules (so it looks a little more complex ;-). One for the original case with System.Windows.Forms and one for Gtk#. Actually Cecil makes everything pretty easy (but may not taste like butter). A much better proof, than the rules, is the new merger tool from Alex Prudkiy. Pretty cool in itself, amazing when you look how little code was required to do it. JB has truely achieved something incredible with Cecil.

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