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Feeding the monkeys

Work continues on the WMF parser. Things looks a lot better than last week (good sign). It's surprising what you can get from a few, but well choosen, record types. So far it proves the 80-20 rule. Here are two other samples I got from the old, but downloadable, OpenClipArt.org cliparts. Both are WMF metafiles, like my previous telescope sample. Both are mostly correct, except for the over filled text areas. Note the nice effect on the apple surface. WMF is an old 16bits technology so this is done by drawing multiple lines with different colors. Simple and surprising (at least the first time) as you know there's no code to do that ;-)

Seriously I couldn't blog them before I got colors working ;-)

Sadly it seems that EMF, EMF+ (using GDI+ functions) and EMF dual (having both) files are harder to find (none are in the OpenClipArt archive). Generating them myself feels like kind of cheating... and not very good test cases. Got some ? please email me!

On a totally unrelated news I finally (because not available in Canada) got my N800 thanks to the discount code (not available from Canada) and a friend. More on that soon...

2/26/2007 20:01:22 | Comments

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