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GSoC 2007 results (II) - Gendarme

Along with the previous project three other GSoC students, Néstor Salceda, Nidhi Rawal and Lukasz Knop have worked on new Gendarme rules and (Lukasz) one a standalone GUI runner this summer. Each of them produced several rules (see their respective blogs) that will make the next release of Gendarme, expected before the end of the month, even more useful to everyone.

mandatory screenshot

Best of all their interest hasn't stopped with the summer, so I created a Gendarme Google group to continue the hacking and discussions - but this time everyone is invited ;-)

Next time, some personal conclusions about GSoC...

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GSoC 2007 results (I) - Unit testing

Lately I have been a little busy with Moonlight and life so I neglected my blog a little. However I must take the time to give credits to the GSoC students I mentored this summer...

One of the projects I mentored was to create a unit testing improvement tool. The goal was to allow the Mono community to better focus their efforts when writing new unit tests for existing code (we do a not-to-bad job on new code, but once committed in test coverage percentage tends to stay too much neutral to my taste).

Chris Gameweld submitted a very interesting proposal for Unit Testing Code Coverage Prioritization Using CodeRank. The results of his successful project are well documented on his blog and I look forward to a better integration of his tool with our test strategy.

mandatory screenshot

Next time, Gendarme rulez!

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