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GSoC 2007 results (I) - Unit testing

Lately I have been a little busy with Moonlight and life so I neglected my blog a little. However I must take the time to give credits to the GSoC students I mentored this summer...

One of the projects I mentored was to create a unit testing improvement tool. The goal was to allow the Mono community to better focus their efforts when writing new unit tests for existing code (we do a not-to-bad job on new code, but once committed in test coverage percentage tends to stay too much neutral to my taste).

Chris Gameweld submitted a very interesting proposal for Unit Testing Code Coverage Prioritization Using CodeRank. The results of his successful project are well documented on his blog and I look forward to a better integration of his tool with our test strategy.

mandatory screenshot

Next time, Gendarme rulez!

9/13/2007 08:16:59 | Comments

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