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Gendarme 0.0.4

After a long time, many fixes, useful features (e.g. inclusion and exclusion) and hours triming down false positives, we're proud to announce Gendarme 0.0.4! [source tarball]

Here are the list (with links) to the new rules that Gendarme now provides. Most of them were contributed during the Google Summer of Code 2007.

Gendarme.Rules.BadPractice (new)



Gendarme.Rules.Design (new)


Gendarme.Rules.Naming (new)


Gendarme.Rules.Smells (new)

Gendarme.Rules.Ui (new)

Contributors for this release:
Nestor Salceda, Nidhi Rawal, Lukasz Knop, JB Evain & Sebastien Pouliot

Questions ? See us live on #gendarme on GIMPNet or drop us a mail on our Google Group.

p.s. since I don't blog very often these days it looks like a good occasion to say merry christmas and happy new year (void where prohibited).

12/20/2007 19:56:50 | Comments

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