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Gendarme 0.0.5

Now that GHOP is over it's time for another Gendarme release [source tarball].

Major highlights:

  • Includes the 40 rules developed during the GHOP and also 7 more rules by other contributors.
  • Gendarme.Framework.Rocks: A new namespace, inside gendarme's framework, introduce several extensions methods to ease rule creation and avoid code duplication.
  • Updated rules to be more friendly toward C# 3 code (e.g. auto-implemented properties)
  • Lot of enhancements to existing rules to reduce false-positives. Even with all the new rules the number of false-positives is lower than before and Gendarme's self-test looks even better!

It would be too long to list all the new rules in this post, but it would be a shame not to list them too, so here's the first part:


Gendarme.Rules.Interoperability (new)

2/1/2008 13:21:53 | Comments

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