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Novell Hack Week - Gendarme Results

Here's an unsorted list of stuff from last week. It's short on details but I'll try to blog about some specific new features this week. Also big thanks to Nestor and JB for their code, help and advice all week long!

  • Makefiles now generate monodoc documentation for the framework
  • VS.NET solution/project file(s) updated (now requires VS.NET 2008 since Gendarme uses C# 3 features)
  • Framework API changes that allows
    • Removing requirements of Gendarme.Rules.*.xml[.in] files
    • Added runner events and rule Initialize / Active for performance
    • MessageType.[Warning|Error] has been split into Severity and Confidence
    • Removing temporary collections and book-keeping from rules
    • Added support for JB's AssemblyResolver. Rules can now go deeper in their analysis
  • Use debugging information to show offending source line for both Mono (mdb) and MS.NET (pdb)
  • All existing rules updated to the new API
  • 4 new rules for Gendarme.Rules.Serialization (new category/assembly)
  • Rework console runner to use Jonathan Pryor's NDesk.Options.
  • Support for ignore list(s) in runners

Finally a lot of misc stuff and bits where done while converting rules (it's a lot funnier to refactor with a good test suite). Also some other stuff were started (but not completed) and lots of new idea were filled (in my Tomboy notes) so expect more surprises at a later date ;-)

2/18/2008 13:11:28 | Comments

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