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more news, less typing

It's been a while since I blogged here (again) but I got some good excuses... like:

  1. Nestor did a great job to resume the Gendarme Rule Day (which saved me a post ;-)
  2. I started using ohloh journal - which JB kinda announced (saving me precious keystrokes again :-)

Right now I'm using the journal to to describe all new things, mostly rules, being added into Gendarme. It works well (it's fast) but does not reach as many people as Monologue. My original idea was to post, from time to time, summaries in my own blog. I failed that - I guess I'm not so good at duplicating content ;-)

Since I'm (hopefully) better at coding (than either blogging or duplicating) I created a small application (to learn a bit about XLinq) that reads the Gendarme Journal and create a "weekly news" RSS entry. Look for it soon on monologue.

6/29/2008 20:29:03 | Comments

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