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Gendarme Performance Update

So Mono 2.0 RC1 was tagged this week and, like I did before, I ran my benchmark on Gendarme (results on preview #1, preview #2). No big surprise this time. Since the performance difference is less than 0.5% wrt preview #2 it didn't seem wise to disturb some many electrons for an updated table. So let's create a new one to answer "But just how much time does it take ?".

We already know how much time it takes for Mono, but a lot of people work on smaller projects (or subset of large projects). This new table shows how much time Gendarme needs to analyze (using all rules, including smells) some Mono-based OSS projects that I have installed, from repositories*, on my openSUSE11 laptop.

Projectsassemblies (#)Time (seconds)
banshee (1.2)146.50963

So next time you have a few seconds give Gendarme a try on your own projects ;-)

* caveat: no debugging symbols - either because most projects dont ship them, or because mono 2.0 MDB format is newer (and incompatible) with the one shipped in openSUSE 11 (mono 1.9.1).

** including 734 seconds inside the quite big Tao.OpenGl.dll. Since I don't suppose f-spot developer's make many changes inside it, I guess it could be removed from the analysis.

9/6/2008 12:56:51 | Comments

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