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Moonlight 2 preview #4 is now available! New in this preview release is socket support, including the security policies that surrounds them. Moonlight support for sockets is identical to what Silverlight 2 offers, meaning:

  • it's client only (i.e. no listening)
  • it's TCP only (i.e. no UDP sockets)
  • it's asynchronous only (a good very thing IMO)
  • the port range is limited between 4502-4534 and can be further limited by the policy
  • it always requires a cross-domain policy, even if it is connecting back to the site of origin (SoO)
  • the plugin will request the policy on port 943 of the host you wish to connect to (see sockpol)
  • this policy must be in the Silverlight format (clientaccesspolicy.xml) not in the Flash policy format (crossdomain.xml)

Not many socket applications are available live on the net but there is a small chat app to test them @ http://www.michielpost.nl/PostDetail_7.aspx.

Note: a lot was written about Silverlight sockets for the 2.0 beta 1 and betas (like previews ;-) reviews are often misrepresenting the final features.

6/3/2009 15:29:12 | Comments

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