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Google Code In / Gendarme - Special Report #1

As some people might have noticed many of the Google Code In 2010 tasks being done by students for Mono are related to Gendarme.

One area, that Gendarme had not touched yet, turned out to be both easy and useful: COM interoperability rules. They are speciality rules, i.e. you need/want them or not for your project, and as such are not enabled by default. Our last survey (already two years old) showed some interest in them - actually more than some if you consider only developers using Windows (either part-time or full-time). The fact that Silverlight 4 allows COM interoperability has likely made them even more useful.

We reached a milestone last weekend when all ten (10) rules for COM interoperability (matching eleven similar FxCop rules) were completed by three students. The new rules are available in Gendarme GIT master (i.e. to be part of 2.10) in a new assembly: Gendarme.Rules.Interoperability.Com.dll.

Congratulations on all the students involved in this new assembly!

12/14/2010 17:21:23 | Comments

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