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Google Code In - Last (7th) Week

Game over. A total of 45 tasks (+1 this week) were completed during Google Code In 2010, splitted like this:

Tasks about... # mentor
Gendarme 30 tasks spouliot
MonoDevelop 9 tasks mhutch
Mono.Cairo docs 3 tasks miguel
Updating tools to use Mono.Options 2 tasks andreia
VB.NET1 task rolf

In most cases a lot more tasks were open, so we were not lacking where the student interest was focused.

Congratulations to all students, ours in particular, and mentors and, of course, Google itself. It's been a great time, even if busy some times, and I hope this event will be back next year :-)

1/12/2011 08:45:06 | Comments

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