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  You probably noticed right away how downright boring this page is. No unreadable text, no movies, no java errors, no best viewed with. Worst of all, your computer hasn't crashed yet! Gee, how unfortunate. Now let's get on with it.

  There's not much here. This is, after all, my personal web site. It's not an attempt to get into your wallet, it's not a plea for you to hire me, it's not a secret ploy to sell your email address to a spammer. This is just me, having some fun and sharing some information.

  So, what's here?   For now, not much. There are just two areas here, a game area and a program area. Someday, there may be more.

  Freshnews   I have written a small program which may be usefull to you if, and only if, you are running leafnode on Linux. Freshnews provides a smart scheduler for when to contact your ISP and fetch more usenet articles.

  NetHack   I play a computer-based game which has been called by reviewers the greatest game ever. I subscribe to a publication created by the gnomes and dwarves who live inside the game, and offer you a look at my copy of The Minetown Digger.

  Linux   I'm an accomplished programmer and run Linux on most of the computers I am responsible for. I have a project on the back burner to make my old paperweight printer, a Lexmark 2070, work again with my RedHat Linux system. Lexmark refuses to provide drivers or engineering information. I plan to use the GPL driver created by Christian Kornblum for his SuSe Linux system. If all goes well, I will document the process of setting up his drivers for the RedHat Linux system.


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