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Interview Rick's Is Site Of Wwwwild Time

Wolf Watching Ssssunset
© Urpo Lankinen

A WWWWorthy fighter rests

  An imp with an iconograph caught up with the Wwwwooly hero in this strange room. The picture is better than our imp usually paints, but we are too busy to check that out. All of our researchers are combing the Oracle's archives for some mention of the odd lamp on the far wall.

DATELINE:Minetown   TURN:199912291749
BYLINE:Rudy Rosenezmistelk

  The Minetown Watch have had their hands full through the last hundredturn. A string of false alarms, minor complaints and bloody cleanup jobs have been keeping them away from Homer "Hole-in-the-do'h" Hyantafas' [1] delicatessen. Mr. Hyantafas was heard to comment "I lose a couple of sales w-w-w-when monsters are frightened by that i-incredible presence. But in the end, if there's less s-spam cooking, th-there's more appetite for my w-w-w-wares."

  Touring the main square, I saw a man today, unable to enter the Albert Hall because of the crowd. "I don't mind the magic missiles," he says, "but now that we've counted them, who will fill the holes?"

  I stopped at a local establishment for an in depth interview with the owner of the, uh, refreshment place. Mr. Rick, The Gimp has perhaps more knowledge than even the captain of The Watch. Actually, Rick knows everything the Captain knows, being a mind flayer and knowing the Captain well enough. Most of the sightings of this odd creature have begun within Mr. Rick's establishment.

Rick: "It was Sam that noticed him..."

RR: "Excuse me! Please, you have to wait for me to ask the question."

Rick: "Sorry, bad habit."

RR: "Just imagine that you're talking to Tim. I notice you always verbalize in the right order then!"

Rick: "Tim is one thing, him being a demigod, [2] I see only the thoughts he wants me to see. But you, your thoughts are open as wide as the arms of a nymph when she catches your eye across a non crowded room."

RR: "Yes, well, on to business. Mr. Rick, can you tell us about the creature that has been causing all the commotion? How did you first come to notice it?"

Rick: "It was Sam that first picked him out of the crowd. Sam stopped playing for a moment and said 'Hey Bo-oss? That wolf at the bar? You sure he's a regular werewolf?' I reassured Sam and told him not to play The Song. Let me get you one on the house. You drink ry.."

RR: "No! I can't while I'm..."

Rick: "Yes of course. I see that your throat is dry, I'll just get you a glass of water. On the house, Mr. Rosenezmistelk. You know, I've never known a quadruped who liked the water here so much, and got so much of it for free."

RR: "Oh, yes, thank you. And, uhm, w-when did you notice that this was a different sort from your usual customer?"

Rick: "It was when the evil one entered. All the other drun... er, customers drew back, trying to keep distance between themselves and the thoughts of the interloper. Even the @venturers tried to move to tables farther from the door.

But not this one. Not the WWW... whatever it is. He turned on his stool and looked the unspeakable horror straight in the eye. And then! And then! Well, it was a site to make this old flayer's heart leap!"

RR: "What did the doodkind want here? I didn't think they ate or drank as normal monsters do. Why was it here?"

Rick: "I don't know. My perceptive ability is only useful with animate creatures that have minds. I don't know what this thing was. It was not a creature of The Dungeons nor an honest malevolence from Gehenomm. It seemed most like the creature from the net that infected Octal and almost wiped out Minetown."

RR: "So the two of them fought right there in your ba... uhm, establishment?"

Rick: "No, no. They exchanged a few pleasantries, then the W-w-w... weird one invited the one reminiscent of the droppings of a sick rothe to step out into the square 'for a fresh breath of air,' he said. I gave thanks! As long as that thing shadowed my door, there would be no new traffic into the, uhm, place. Oh yes, this W-W-Wolfish creature is always welcome here!"

RR: "And then they fought?"

Rick: "Well, I don't know about that. I had a barfu... ehm, a roomful of nervous customers and was busy handing out free dri.. uh, refreshments, look are you sure we can't mention what I do here? It'd be great to get a free plug, you know."

RR: "No, my editor won't let me. One more free plug for you and I'm out of a job. So they left and that's it?"

Rick: "There was a cleanup detail in here a few turns later. They were pretty spooked. Kept going on about forbidden weapons. One of them dropped a hint about smelling sulfur around the scene."

RR: "Sulfur! Surely no one would bring those kind of weapons in here? What an evil creature this war3zd00d is!"

Rick: "No, it wasn't that weasel.. The w-w-w-wellfavored one brought a thing like a /WoMM, but mechanical in nature."

RR: "What could this W... W... w... wanderer have been thinking? We frown on w-weapons like that."

Rick: "No, frowning rules are broken with impunity. Those weapons are absolutely forbidden."

RR: "Then surely that's why The Guards were here on clean-up detail. To save Minetown from this W-w-wr-wrecker of rules!"

Rick: "No, they saw the thing he used the weapon on. They said that the ending of that thing justified the machine. The cleanup crew had to wipe up the slime-trail of rabid rat drool that was all that was left of the virulent thing. I saw their minds. They had nothing but gratitude for the one that killed it."

[1] Homer Hyantafas has yet another name that absolutely fits a shopkeeper.
[2] As you know, Rick is referring to one of our leading citizens, Tim The Enchanter.

News Flash:   Monsters Seen Joining @venturers!

Wizards Cite New Version 3.3.0 Scroll of NH

DATELINE: The Dungeons of Doom   TURN:199912120134

  We are receiving reports from The Dungeons of Doom that a grave new danger threatens The Gnomish Mines.

  Formerly, the peaceful miners needed only take special care when the occasional @ wandered off course from it's search for the mythical Amulet of Yendor. Recently, h, o and other apparently peaceful citizens have begun taking up such professions as "rogue", "knight" and "caveperson". You can no longer tell by looking who may be subject to the inexplicable urge to kill you!

  We have sent one of our best and bravest reporters out to The Dungeons to find out what is going on.

  Rest assured that The Minetown Digger will keep you informed as to what measures should be taken to protect yourself and your children, eggs, larvae etc.

  Early reports from the upper dungeons indicate that the RNG may have broken it's coded restrictions and now can control the alignment and ancestry of @venturers.

  In a development believed to be related, the human wizards entering The Dungeons of Doom no longer arrive with an athame, but come instead carrying a big stick. Perhaps now they will walk quietly.

  For more information, stare intently into your crystal ball, right here.


Minetown Digger Abandons Carved Stone

DATELINE: Gnomish Mines   TURN:199911010000
  For tomorrow's issue of The Minetown Digger, place a single zorkmid on your crystal ball. Tune to The Minetown Digger and enjoy the new, improved newstablet!
  This is the last issue of The Minetown Digger that you will normally receive on stone. You may still receive the premium issue of Minetown Digger carved in marble one day after normal publication, at the regular premium price of 100 zorkmids.

  Rest assured that The Minetown Digger will continue to uncover the buried truth throughout The Gnomish Mines.
  Responding to consumer demand, our crack team of wizards has devised a new way of publishing the daily news for only a single zorkmid per copy. Yes, we will no longer be carving each copy of The Digger by hand into individual stone tablets.
  This new technology will represent a great savings for you, our customers. The 172 copies of The Digger produced each day on stone require the labour of 256 dedicated gnomish, dwarvish and golemish stonecutters. In a related story, read about the dispute between the WISP and Stonecutters Brotherhood Local GM42, see tablet IV.
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