The best sales and trades in The Gnomish Mines

Top Slab
Front Slab
For Sale Half your level plus one tenth of selling price
WantedTwice your level
Personals Half your level, except prayers to St. Jude
Other Your level. Collection by Vlad The Impaler.

Recall Notice: It has come to our attention that certain of our products have become biologically contaminated. Therefore, we are recalling all potions of juice having batch number HU4980 (look on the bottom of the vial). Turn them in at any liquor store, for return of deposit. - The Yendor Bottling Company
  Brad Corsello
I sadly announce the death of Merlin the Thaumathurge. He was killed by a gelatinous cube on the level of the oracle. His items had, unfortunately, disappeared in a mysterious way.
  Dr Jekyll
For Sale

Are You tired of being swallowed and pummeled to your death by those pesky air elementals? Wouldn't You want to, just for once, have a peaceful picnic admiring the scenery of the world famous Cloud Bank®?

Well, now You can fulfill your dreams with only 200 zorkmids. Just buy one of our brand-new Wands of Polymorph® and Your happiness (and survival) is just one zap away. Whenever an irritating air elemental tries to bother You, just zap at it once or twice and Your peace is guaranteed.

You can also extend the useful lifetime of Your Wand of Polymorph® by purchasing our Blessed Scroll of Charging® extension kits for only 300 zorkmids apiece.

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

  • I used to die all the time in the Plane of Air by those horrible elementals, but now I just zap once and the whole problem is solved. (Wizard, 25 level)

  • I was worried before arriving at the Plane of Air, but luckily I had bought a Wand of Polymorph® and a couple extension kits and my ascension was a breeze. (Samurai, 29 level)

Order Your Wand of Polymorph® now, for just 200 zorkmids, and we guarantee that You won't run out of Your Amulets of Life Saving® again or double your money back.

  Tommi Syrjanen
Spare items for sale, cheap: cursed partially eaten food ration; rusty orcish dagger; about a dozen whistles; an iron chain; wand of nothing; a cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor; some worthless pieces of glass.
  Brad Corsello
Spare items for sale, cheap: cursed partially eaten food ration; rusty orcish dagger; about a dozen whistles; an iron chain; wand of nothing; a cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor; some worthless pieces of glass.
  Brad Corsello
Complete set straps for small shield. Good quality. Previously used on b+3]Small Shield. These straps survived a Black Dragon! Best offer. Leave message for Jannetje at Ansteorra's deli in Minetown.
1 uncursed +0 gray dragon scale mail, 1 wand of polymorph (1), a pick-axe and a +5 bullwhip. Visit level 10 for more info, but don't touch the archeologist corpse, OK?
  Dr Jekyll
Lost and Found
Found: a small dog. Answers to name of Idefix. Owner, please pick up, as he is eating all my tripe rations. Asidonhopo, General Store, level 2.
  Brad Corsello


The Minetown Digger is looking for correspondents. Do you have a talent for drawing? Have you always wanted to write? Join our team and see the underworld! Travel to places as exotic as Orcustown. Meet famous people such as Jubilaxe. Be there when the turn counter reaches 2000010000!

We especially need photograbbers to cover the T2B celebrations when the turn counter ticks over the two billion mark. Please contact our personnel department.

The Minetown Digger is an equal opportunity employer. Humans may apply.

The Church Of The Non-Aligned Unicorn desperately needs vestigial virgins willing to dedicate themselves to the temple. Food and bored, clothing supplied. Certificate of virginity can be provided if necessary.
WE'RE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN! Join the ranks of Yendorian guards! You'll really turn on the nurses, dressed in your ring mail and plumed helmet. Rise through the ranks -- you'll get ahead in the Guard. Dine on delicious C-rations! Play dice until the next new moon! (Gnomes need not apply.) - DoD DoD (c/o Captain Grimbuldook, the Castle - just slip a note under the drawbridge)
  Brad Corsello
Dogcatcher for the Gnomish Minetown. Must be equipped to handle vicious dogs before they eat the town guards. Apply at Izchak's Candle Shop.
  David Grabiner
Shield, AC 4 or better. Blessed, fireproof a plus. Reflection a plus-plus! Will pay top zorkmids for top quality equipment! Be prepared to show how good it is while negotiating price. Send details to
To the water nymph who stole my gray dragon scale mail, on Level 24 -- I'm not mad, honest. I forgive you. I'm not going to try to kill you. I just want my armor back. I really need it, honest. Please meet me at the fountain.
  Brad Corsello
Prayer to Saint Jude: Intercede with Odin on my behalf and I will make an offering of 37 zorkmids at the temple. I will look for the answer to my prayers at the mouth of the ally behind the second fountain, one hour before midnight. Bring the package.
SVF seeks companion for repeat visit to Fort Ludios. Must have experience with black dragons. Alignment important, only neuters need apply. Leaving from Minetown temple, turns 55000 to 55200. Come ready to travel and ready to fight!
Missed Connections Me: Dark eyes, fedora, leather jacket. You: nice legs, wild hair. Saw you in the sculpture garden. Tried to catch your eye, but froze up. Pls respond via this paper.
  Joseph M. Bay

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