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A Directory Of Businesses In And Around Minetown

  What adventurer would not seek better equipment? Here be the fruits of the labors of our great artisans, artists and runed wizards.

  Please report missing, broken or lost links to our surface world liason using your email, or using this handy online form.

The Nethack Homepage  

  There are many utilities here, including such favorites as ChrHack and RecList.

The Bones Pile  

  A repository for the bones of past @venturers. Note that the bones are all from MS-DOS or NT systems, at least, so far.

Jukka's Nethack page  

  Homepage of Reclist, the utility to browse the Nethack record file

Submitted by:  Jukka Lahtinen
Jesse Thilo's NetHack page  

  You can get a copy of The Double-Sized Tiles here. 32x32 tiles for the X11 interface. Or you could use Qt.

The SLASH Home Page  

  Enrich Horn has written TileEdit for msdos. A special graphical editor specifically for NetHack (and similar) tiles.

The Nethack 32x32 tile  

  This tileset, drawn for a higher resolution, offers much more detailed images. It works well when QtNetHack is modified for 32x32 tiles, since Qt resizes the tiles on the fly to your specified dimensions.

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