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Official Nethack Home Page  

  Not here! Yes, this is the home of the official binaries, but maybe you should try one of the many mirrors. What? You have a strange system and this is the only place you can find a matching binary? You had trouble getting a download from any other source?   <sigh>  Ok, click here for the official sources and binaries.

The Nethack Homepage  

  Lots and lots of downloads. Get the source. Get current NetHack binaries for many different systems. View the readme. Get old versions. Find variants. Find utilities. If it's worth finding, it's very likely to be here.

NetHack with Qt interface  

  If your system is compatible with the Qt library and you like NetHack with tiles, then you should be using this version of NetHack. It is, in this reporters humble opinion, the best UI you can get for NetHack. YMMV.

The SLASH'EM Homepage  

  Get the latest version of SLASH'EM here just as soon as it is available. Try again next week, there will be YARTS: Yet Another Revision To SLASH'EM.

Jesse Thilo's NetHack page  

  Jesse mirrors the official binaries. Try here to reduce the load on other servers.

RPM repository  

  One of many RPM repository mirrors. Click on "index by Name" and type in "nethack" to find the currently available packages pre-built for Linux.

Ali's NetHack Page  

  Here there are mirrors of the some fine NetHack downloads, including Thomas A. Fine's font for X11, for which the primary site is gone.

Slash'EM&45;&45;Macintosh PPC  

  A SLASH'EM port to Macintosh. Binaries are provided for different kinds of Mac.

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