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  Have you ever wondered how our little town came to attract such violent tourists? Do you need to research the kind of humans who dream up of our world? Do you want to explore the older mines, invade the ancient dungeons? Here are some excellent starting points for your edification.

  Should you find that you cannot read at these locations, be sure to send us a note and we'll see if we can read your note.

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The Nethack Homepage  

  Looking for an ancient version of NetHack? Looking for a precursor of NetHack? It could be here!

History of Roguelike  

  This is an up-to-date timeline of the major roguelikes, variants and ports.

A Brief History of  

  The story of how the first roguelike came to be, written by a member of TODT (The Original Dev Team). The Original Dev Team thought of things first.

© Tomoji Noda

  A Japanese legend involving a Tengu. Not quite the same as the tengu in NetHack, but iteresting nonetheless.

Posted to RGRN by:  Ben Gertzfield
Japanese Sword Making  

  The making of samurai swords. Go to the main page for an extensive history of the Samurai.

The Traveller Saga  

  The life of gamer, described in song.

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