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  There are many among the humans of the surface world that we would like to thank for the consideration they show in staying there. These, unfortunately, are not among them. Rather, we present these pages as a rogues galary of dangerous @s.

  Should you find that any of these monsters have dissappeared from their surface-world haunts, please let us know so that we can take the appropriatte care down here in the Mazes of Menace where decent monsters live.

  Please report missing, broken or lost links to our surface world liason using your email, or using this handy online form.

Weyfour WWWWolf's Web of Weird Things  

  All you ever wanted to know about a strange, furry creature who appears out of nowhere, deletes a null, and disspears again leaving only the door of a telephone booth flapping in the wind.

Irina's Front Page  

  Irena Rempt is one of the most prolific, friendly and downright helpfull posters to Rumor has it that she was killed by a modem falling offline.

At the heart of the evil...  

  Reading RGRN, one develops an image of D/KD as a staid proffessorial type, twead smoking jacket, pipe in hand, nearly lost in the cushions of a ancient armchair.

  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Jesse Thilo's NetHack page  

  This @ has much experience in The Mazes of Menace. We recently lost track of this link when it moved, but here it is again, still a danger to the well-ordered society in The Dungeons of Doom.

Timo Nieminen - Home Page  

  A longtime @, Timo is frequently seen in RGRN.

Gonzo's NH site  

  A variety of things, including a small graveyard.

3V's NetHack page  

  One of the early NetHack players. An ancient room of the dungeon that may soon be sealed away forever.

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