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  We who live here in Minetown, along with the rural residents of The Gnomish Mines and The Dungeons Of Doom, would like to take this opportunity to offer you, nay to encourage you to take your violent quest out of our peacefull habitat and try one of these neighborhoods instead.

  Should you find that you cannot read at these locations, be sure to send us a note and we'll see if we can read your note.

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NetHack with Qt interface  

  NetHack, with a far better user interface, now includes NetHack v3.3!

  In the days of NetHack 3.2.2 there was no doubt that QtNetHack counted as a variant. It included The Wizard Patch which was not yet part of the official sources. The user interface is also different from the standard release, making some minor differences in play. With QtNH, you can reach for an item in the bottom of a bag without first removing some of the items on top.

  We have elected to keep the link here until further notice.

A Multiplayer Variant  

  Multiplayer NetHack! Ok, I admit it's still in development, but this is gonna be cool!

The SLASH'EM Homepage  

  Possibly the coolest, certainly the most talked about variant of NetHack. In fact, see our seperate links page.


  An FTP server that, paradoxically, includes web pages to display sets of screen-shot thumbnails.

  In the words of the author, "Angband279-xg is a work-in-progress to create a new "terminal driver" for angband which supports 2D animation and runs under the X Window System. At this early stage in development the only platform that is supported is Linux, although I expect it to run ok on most Un*x systems."

Nethermost Wanderings  

  A new roguelike in development. The first alpha release is reputed to be quite stable. Binaries are available for Linux and Microsoft.

The NetHack2000 Project  

  This project seems to be building Japanese and English versions of NetHack with a more realistic 3-D style image. Note that the project is aimed at MS-Windows only.


Oh give me a home where the quadrupeds roam
where the cow and the mumakil play
where often you heard the swish of a sword
and the cieling can fall an your head.

JNetHack Home Page  

  The homes of GTK+ and JNetHack. If you like playing Samurai because the names of items make more sense to you, this is the game you are really looking for!

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