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  The Minetown Chamber Of Commerce is pleased to provide The Yellow Slabs for Minetown.

  Our campaign to bring more business and tourism to Minetown has obviously been a roaring success. We find ourselves expanding our section of your local news from a single slab to an entire section! Please select one of the categories above and be sure to bring your Platinum Yendorian Express Card because in Minetown, you can't get credit on your visage!

  To contact any of the member businesses, focus your crystal ball on the image for that business and offer a mouse corpse to the deity of your choice.

  If your business is located in or around Minetown, you too can become a member. To register your business, visit the The Minetown Chamber Of Commerce office, Mall Level, Main Square, upstairs from The Minetown Digger. If it is inconvenient for you to visit our office, you could fill out the handy form below.


See below for How To Submit A Site. It should be pretty much self-explanatory! You must fill in the required fields, we'll do the rest. Of course, if you fill in the rest, we can process the form much faster!

Yes, you may suggest someone else's web site.

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How to qualify

  Not just any web presence can be included in The Minetown Chamber of Commerce. We have standards, you know!

  Only pages which relate to the game of NetHack, it's predecessors, ancestors and siblings, or the pages of people closely associated with these games, qualify for inclusion here.   This includes vanity pages of players who say something constructive, instructive, or entertaining about the games as well as the more exalted pages of immortals such as Glenn Wichmann.

Do I have to do anything?

  The minimum you must do is fill out the URL of the page you want to see included here.   The Chamber of Commerce clerks, a rules-bound Uruk-Hai, a distracted sycophant and a rather slow troll, will eventually get around to reviewing the proposed site, classifying it and judging whether it qualifies.

  The most you can do is: create or select a small graphic that represents your site. Fill out all the above fields accurately, including the URI of the graphic you wish us to use. We will send the Uruk-Hai to collect it.

  To really speed things up, send us The Brand Twins, Fire Brand and Frost Brand. We hear they're real fun at parties.

Are there any rules?

  There are always rules. Isn't it depressing? We didn't have any at first, but creating rules is the one thing sycophants are really, really good at.

  1. The graphic must be no larger than 250x250 pixels. We prefer smaller, but we know how hard it is to express oneself on the head of a pin.

  2. No animated graphics!

  3. You may include your site in up to three categories. The text for each category must be different. It must show how your site relates to that category. Try to provide good copy that we can use unchanged. Do you get the feeling we're lazy? We're so lazy that we even put it in a rule.

  4. We reserve the right to represent your site differently than you suggest.


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