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Never Give Up

byline: Joel Gluth and Jason Henry Parker

Joel Gluth   pontificates

"Avrom Faderman" writes:

> drendite wrote in message
> >Starting over really bites.  Something bad
> >always happens to me and I end up quitting until
> >the game decides to give me a chance again.
> How bad is "bad"?  You may be giving up
> some promising characters a bit too early.

Too true. People were discussing successful Nethack approaches a while back, and came up with a couple of constants. One was to milk every advantage you can find - engrave, hassle your Quest leader off the throne, bless, lure (except at the Castle ;p), run away, count prayer timeouts, whatever. NH is harsh, but there are always plenty of ways to maximise your situation. The other thing is - never give up! I've seen it posted here by so many people it's almost a mantra: treat each character as though it was going to Ascend, and more of them will.

Not wanting to sound too Zenny (or is that Zorkmid? (duck)) about it, but I just love my current game, whatever stage it's in. So you're polymorphed into a Gelatinous Cube (bursting your Elven Mithril and digesting half your gear). Ah well - cool! Never did that before. Let's go engulf some stuff! Or you fell through a hole in the Mines, and can't reach the stairs? The story of finding that Dwarf while you were fainting from hunger, eating his corpse and using his pickaxe to escape will look good in the YAAP. The RNG giveth, even though the RNG taketh away in truckloads. So your early-wished-for GDSM got disintegrated?



Anyway, I'm starting to sound like some kind of Mr. Motivation Cheerleader Guy here. The point is, Nethack is continually dropping you in surprising situations. This is Good. Enjoy your game, and never quit, because you might miss something nifty. The next game will still be there when you inevitably die YAAD ;)

When the RNG hands you a lemon, #apply it and see if you can make invisible ink or something.

Hack on hack on hack on,
Joel Gluth // Software Engineer, N-space.
"Can't catch me, I'm content free."                   -- Kim Gordon

Jason Henry Parker   follows up with

IMHO, the flip side is that your actions should always be restricted by a conservatism in how you play:  don't quaff from fountains until you can take a bunch of water moccasins; don't try to loot chests until you have a key or a credit card---you'll just bust up your weapon or the contents!; don't read unidentified scrolls, you can usually manage minetown without them and get hints about what's what; don't bother with unblessed potions until you've got a unicorn horn to dip in them; don't try on unidentified armor until your pet steps on it, and never try on unidentified helms unless you're feeling lucky; and so on and so forth.

Sometimes you just have to break the rules to stay alive, but most of the time they get you into the right frame of mind to not get into nasty situations.

But above all else, yes, never, NEVER give up.  You just may learn something new.


(BTW, Joel:  congratulations.  ;)
\ _/__ ``When the RNG hands you a lemon, #apply it and
\X  /   see if you can make invisible ink or something.''
  \/      -- Joel Gluth on

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