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Trouble (oh we've got Trouble) Right 
here in Rec.Games.Roguelike.Nethack. 
(Right in RGRN city.) With a capital 
Te, and that rhymes with Be and that 
stands for Bricktext (That starts up 
Bricktext) We've surely got Trouble! 
(We've surely got Trouble!) Right in
this posting! (Right here!) We gotta 
figure out a Way to keep the newbies 
Random when they post messages! (Our 
children's RNGs will cause Trouble!) 

Friends, I want you ALL! I want each 
of you to reach into your hearts and
PROMISE that you will do your part I 
want a PROMISE! Pull out your wallet 
and make a PLEDGE! I want you all to 
show support! All put a ribbon below 
your sig to show that YOU will fight 
the evil menace of bricktext in this 
newsgroup. (Gotta win against evil!) 
My friend, have you been RANDOMIZED? 
RAISE up your hands until they touch 
the floor and whisper soft, to drown 
me OUT. Let's speak plain English as 
we SHOUT in toungues, and walk right 
up here sitting in your chair. RAISE 
your voice in song (please open your 
hymnal to 3d(10) whilst our organist 
tunes his chevrolette.) While I sing 
this sword I want you to promise you 
will put the ribbon in that color we 
chose, below the signature next time 
you post. The sacred RNG thanks you.

Oisin  "  /185\   "  Curtin
         |2/ \9\
         |6|  |3\
          \0\ /7|
            \8\     Random
           /5\2\    Ribbon
          /9/ \6\   Campaign
          ^^   ^^

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