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1999 Dec 13
  • News of NH 3.3.0! Just in time.

  • Another page (Never Give Up) updated to HTML 4.0.   Another link 'A Brief History of Rogue added.  

1999 Dec 10
  •   Many thanks to The Roguelike News Page for the link that brought most of you here.

      From Nov 1 to Dec 8 there were about 250 hits. On Dec 9 and Dec 10, just two days, there were about 300 hits! As far as I know, all that changed was a link on Roguelike News.

    Or maybe you're all just showing appreciation for the work Pierre E. White does updating the slabs to HTML 4.0. <grin>

  • Another page updated to HTML 4.0. Just to keep my hand in.

1999 Dec 9
  • Another link.

1999 Dec 8
  • Two more links.

1999 Dec 5
  • Wizard patch updated. Most of the HTML on that page is rewritten, it should now work better in older browsers.

  • Added the link to flamingtext. They kindly help our gnomes and dwarves carve out our headlines. One of these days, the staff at The Minetown Digger will figure out how to run these gimp scripts for ourselves.

  • Added Desidera... er, I mean, "Wear Oilskin."

  • Another page validates. It's the big "Links" page.

1999 Dec 3
  • Another couple of pages validate as HTML 4.

1999 Dec 2
  • These pages are getting long.   8-()
    I noticed late last night that I had a number of typos in my html code, so tonight it's http://validator.w3.org/" time!
    This page now passes validation, but only if I fix an error in the FxWeb counter at the bottom. Grrr. I need the counter for the great statistics it gives, I can only hope they will fix the bug. I'm tacking on the icon, but noting the abuse.

    It's too late tonight to tackle the rest of the pages. Whoever you are using IE 2.0, you'll just have to be patient. The newslab will eventually work correctly for you.

  • Added an intra-page navigation bar to speed up access to the sections of the navigation bar. I've been testing at 640x480, small screens need this!

1999 Dec 1
  • Added a tracking counter to find out if I'm really getting 184 hits in the first month, or just 2 people have made me their home page :-)

  • Re-ordered the nav bar to put Departments on top, because it seems to be the most popular feature.

  • Dug into my archives and pulled out an old nethack story.

  • Repaired a broken table on the links page. Oops! I have only two (and a half) browsers to test with. If anyone notices any html, spelling or graphical errors, broken links, etc. A quick email to   ocurtin @ usa . net   would be appreciatted. Sorry about the address munging.

1999 Nov 30
  • Added more links.   There are still lots of links to come. Someone didn't count them all before choosing the format! I'm not going to try to add them all at once or it would never get done! I'll try to add three or four each week until I can't find any more.

  • Added this updates section.   This section of the front slab will always contain notice of the most recent news, format changes, and advertisers added to The Minetown Digger. When this grows, old updates will be relegated to a back slab, leaving just the top items carved into this valuable front slab space.

1999 Nov 1 to Nov 29
  • This news slab, or "website" as surface dwellers like to call it, was first posted November 1 1999. Exactly two months before the turn counter rolls over from 1,999,12,31,23:59.59 to 2,000,01,00,00:00.00.   Hmmm... looks like new math.

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