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The fabulous Wizard Patch for Nethack, version 0.9. Although not a product of The Minetown Digger, it's publishers or affiliates, we have provided this space to make it accessible.
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  Oft, at the beer soaked tables of Rick Gimp Rogue's Net'n'hook, one hears the same refrain. Recently voiced by Joan, or Christoph, or whatever denigration this drunken denizen of deeper dungeons decides to be denoted by: "What exactly is the wizpatch?" Well, JC[1], that's a hard question to answer.

  We sent our cracked reporter[2] to track down an answer for you.

  The Wizard Patch is a collection of related[3] changes to the NetHack source code. The changes are intended to improve the game. It makes the Wizard character more like a wizard, the fighting characters less like wizards and it generally improves the way magic works in the game.

  For a more authoritative review than we can provide, read the somewhat dated but well written posting from Larry Stewart-Zerba. This material was made available to us by Pat Rankin, a regular at Rick's bar.

  Our staff acquired the patch from the QtNethack Site. The Patch is included in the QtNethack source tarball.


  Thanks to the dilligence of our readers, we have been notified of an update to The Wizard Patch. J. Ali Harlow was the first to notify us that an upgrade existed. Warren Cheung provided us with a copy from The SLASH'EM Homepage

  We are now pleased to present two versions of The Wizard Patch for your downloading enjoyment.

  Note: The Minetown Digger has not tested this patch, and knows of no-one who admits to having done so. The variation from 0.9 is extensive. The Minetown Digger is not responsible for any loss of game, bones or crystal balls resulting from the use of this patch.

About The Patch

  Read about the patch. This is the ancient scroll written by Larry Stewart-Zerba.

The Patch Revealed

  • View version 0.9 online.
  • View version 1.0 online.

The Patch

  If your browser attempts to display the patch , you my have to right-click, shift-click or perform other browser-specific rituals.



  Warwick Allison's very fine QtNethack appears to be the authoritative source for version 0.9 of The Wizard Patch.

  You will not find a seperate download for The Patch there, but you will find The Patch included as a seperate item within the QtNethack source download.


The only known source for the version 1.0 wizard patch (other than The Minetown Digger!) is an obscure link among the sources at The SLASH'EM Homepage.

JC means "Joan or Christoph". What did you think it meant?
Ms. Rose Quartz, of Trollish extraction. She says that the cracks add character to her face.
Mostly related. There are a few changes to the starting equipment and the skill system that seem, to this reporter, unrelated to the use of magic.

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