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Brave Monsters Fail To Drive Off Invading Valkarie

byline: Virgo Vardja
From: Virgo Vardja
Subject: Re: Mojo YAFM
Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 11:10 AM

Robin Johnson wrote:
> Mjollnir returns to your hand! Crash!
> ...what happened there?

A big sturdy not-entirely-naked Valkyrie, being in a rather bad mood, decided to release some tension by throwing things. So she threw a thing that just happened to be a war hammer, the name of which just happened to be Mjollnir. The hammer flew off and hit a poor innocent bystander, an unlucky monster, electrocuting it, whereupon it (the hammer, namely) was seized by a freak gust of strong wind which carried it back to the aforementioned Valkyrie, who, being a strong and agile warrior, caught its handle and tore the hammer out of the wind's grasp.

After which the companion of the poor (now deceased) monster attempted to imitate the Valkyrie's actions. Unfortunately the monster did not have a war hammer around, so it tossed the first thing that it happened to find, namely a potion. At that moment, another monster decided to show up. However, it stupidly placed itself between the Valkyrie and the angry potion-tossing creature, causing the thrown potion to end its flight prematurely and shatter on one of the newcomer's vital bodyparts.

But the Valkyrie did not witness this incident. Did that happen because it was dark, or because there was a wall between her and the unlucky being who recieved a sudden shower, or because her vision was obstructed by magical or non-magical means, the history does not tell. This, however, is known - because of the remarkable accoustical properties of her surroundings, she was able to hear the crash of the bottle hitting whatever part of the monster it happened to hit.

Thus it came to be that the annals record this little dungeon-drama shortly and drily:
    "Mjollnir returns to your hand! Crash!"

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