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How To

If you are not comfortable editing and compiling source code, modifying system files, or installing a root program, then this is not for you. Of course, then you wouldn't be running a news server, so this program is really not for you!

  1. Download the source.
  2. Unpack the source and copy it to the news home directory.
  3. Check the configure me section in the source to see if you need to make any changes.
  4. Compile the source with the command
    g++ -O -o freshnews
  5. Become root for the next two steps
  6. Edit /etc/inittab adding this line:
    fn:235:respawn:/var/spool/news/freshnews &>/dev/null
  7. run telinit Q to activate the changes to inittab.
  8. Important: Stop being root!


Of course, you can do things a little differently from the instructions above. Here are a few ideas:


If you have problems compiling or running freshnews, first try to fix the problem yourself.

Check the home page first to see if it is a known problem.

If you cannot localize the problem and describe it to me clearly, I cannot help you.

This is a free program, if I choose to help you, it is freely and out of my own good nature. If I choose not to help you, you have no recourse. Of course, I am a nice guy, at least I think so, so if you are patient enough to accept help on my schedule, and you've done everything I think you should do for yourself, then it is unlikely that I'll refuse to help.


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