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PS2 Power Supply


PS2 Laboratory Power Supply, Dual Outputs 0-30V,3A


Very good quality laboratory power supply of my own design.  I worked for more than 7 years repairing and calibrating test equipment. This design is a collection of the best power supply designs that I found. All parts are easy to get. Sorry I never design PCB since these supply is the working prototype that I used in my lab. Feel free to use my design as long as you refer to me as the designer. If you ever design PCB please send me a copy... 


PS2 Specifications

Two independents outputs 0-30V, 0-3A, 1 fixed 5V-1A
Variable Outputs from 0 to rating voltage and current
Can be used as constant Voltage (CV) or Constant Current (CC) Mode
Switch from CV to CC automatically when reaching Current Setting
Leds indicating CV or CC modes of operation
10 Turn Precision Voltage adjustment potentiometer
DVM Display of Both Outputs Voltage or Current Values
Heatsink Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan
Output Transistors Power Dissipation reduction Circuit
Remote output Sensing Capability (to cancel supply cables losses)

Operating Modes:
The two supplies can be connected in parallel (For double current)
or series (for double voltage)

0-30V, 0-3A Outputs
Constant Voltage Operation
0-30Vdc, 10-Turns Potentiometer, continuously adjustable
Line Regulation: <0.01% + 3mv
Load Regulation: <0.01% + 3mv (rating current <=3A)
Recovery Time: <100us (50% load change, minimum load 0.5A)
Ripple & Noise: <1mv rms
Temp. Coefficient: <300 ppm/Deg C (Constant Heatsink Fan Mode)

Constant Current Operation
0-3Adc, 1-Turn Potentiometer, continuously adjustable
Line Regulation: <0.2% + 3ma
Load Regulation: <0.2% + 3ma
Ripple current: <3ma rms

DVM Meter:
3 1/2 Digits, LCD
Accuracy: 0.5%
Voltmeter: 0-29.9V
Ampmeter: 0-2.99A
V/I Automatic Decimal Point Selection
9V Battery Operated, commercial product



Front view (79k)

Rear view (107k)

Top view (129k)

Back Front Panel view (168k)

Right Side view (131k)

Left Side view (98k)

Main PCB A1 view (125k)


Complete Schematics (in PDF Format): (106k)