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My name is Daniel Prud'homme I'm from Laval, Quebec, Canada. I was a professional designer for over 10 years. Since 1997 I'm working as a network administrator and programmer. I first saw the Eagle spacecraft on the first episode of Space:1999 in September 1975, I had 15 years old at the time and since then I've always wanted to have an Eagle for myself. I love the Eagle and I think that it was and it "still" is the most realistic spacecraft of today's science-fiction TV series and movies.

I began the Eagle blueprint in 1990 based on the Starlog Eagle blueprints and I still have the first one, not as accurate as the actual blueprints but not bad for a first time. I choose to do the Eagle blueprints in AutoCAD because this is the only software that I've been working with, and it's powerful even in 3D. The latest blueprints took me about two years to research and about 9 months to complete.

I've been using pictures found everywhere on the internet, but the most useful ones were "The E. James Small Fanderson Gold Eagle Image Collection" at Coldnorth.com. These were the best that I found for the Eagle dimensions. I've sent a picture to Chris Trice and in his reply wrote;

"If you've managed to deduce these dimensions from just photo's then I raise my hat to you. I had the luxury of measuring the actual model in question and you've matched the dimensions to within a millimeters or two. In fact I'd go as far as saying that your drawings are more correct in that where there are small discrepancies (and they are miniscule) it's due to the quality of the model making in the original model and your dimensions probably match the working drawings from which it was built"

After that answer I decided to go on with this version and here it is, "The Second Eagle Blueprints". I'm currently doing the blueprints of the first Eagle and I'll have them here as soon as they're done.




email me at daniel.g.p@videotron.ca


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