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Project Linus St-Eustache is a chapter of Project Linus Canada
8064 blankets offered up to now
What's Project Linus?
It is a group of caring individuals from USA, England, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Canada. The group expands everyday. It makes dark days brighter for children in difficult situations. Up to now, Project Linus has delivered many handmade security blankets to facilities and chidren around the world.  
The goal of Project Linus is to provide a blanket of security to children facing substantial distress in their lives. Although originally focused on cancer patients, Project Linus has expanded its focus to include any seriously ill or traumatized child. The list of recipients grows daily. 

Christmas Eve, 1995. An article appears in Parade Magazine entitled 'Joy to the World' by Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist, Eddie Adams. Part of the article features a petite, downy haired child. She has been going through intensive chemotherapy and states that her security blanket has helped her get through the treatments. Karen Loucks-Baker decides to provide homemade security blankets to Denver's Rocky Mountain Children's Cancer Center. Project Linus is born.

In 1998, Guylaine opens a chapter in Alouette (Saguenay). After her move to St-Eustache in 2001, it becomes Project Linus St-Eustache.

Make a knitted blanket or a quilt
You can contribute to Project Linus by becoming a volunteer and making handmade, washable security blankets using new material. These may be knitted, crocheted, quilted, woven. Whatever, but they are washable, durable and new. In order to meet the needs, we encourage volunteers try to mainly make blankets 40" x 60". However, they do make different sizes (see sizes below).
For preemie baby: 64 cm x 64 cm (25" x 25")   Child (6-12 yrs): 92 cm x 114 cm (36" x 45")  
Newborn baby (0-3 yrs): 64 cm x 76 cm (25" x 30")   Teenager (12-18 yrs): 102 cm x 152 cm (40" x 60")
Toddler (3-6 yrs): 76 cm x 92 cm (30" x 36")  
Project Linus St-Eustache is proud to distribute blankets to
Montreal and Quebec Ronald McDonald House
Montreal & Quebec
Blankets offered by Project Linus are identified
by a label  with the project name and its logo.
Guylaine Chalifour  
196 Rue Foisy  
Saint-Eustache  QC  J7P 4C7  
Phone: (450) 472-0963  
Don't hesitate to contact us for more details