École de danse Mario Ménard

Danse enseignées depuis 2004

Danse en Ligne Sociale
Danse en Ligne Country
Année d'enseignement
(notée depuis 2010)
101 (P. Metelnick) 2011, 2012
1 2 3 Cumbia (M. Gauthier) 2013
2 Galway Girls (Gallagher & Hodgson) 2013
9 to 5
A Beautiful Girl (K.M. Vinberg) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
A Devil In Disguise (Stott-Birchall) 2010
A devil in me  
A little crazy  
A little too late  
A Mexico (C. Castonguay) 2013
Adios Senorita (G. Rivet) 2013
Acapulco (D. Henley) 2011
After the weekend (G. Theater) 2011
Against the flow  
Against the wind (P)  
Aiko Aiko (M. Sorensen) 2012
Ain't no chain  
Alabama Slammin' (R. McEnaney) 2012
Alamo (C. Goodyear) 2012
Alibaba (L. Perret) 2012, 2013
All aboard  
All my people (J. Vachon) 2011, 2014
All over again (Bos & Verdonk) 2013
All shook up (N. F-Pyle) 2010, 2014
All you need (R. MacGowan Hickie) 2012
All you need is love  
Allisa waltz  
Allo allo  
Amame (Forty Arroyo) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
Amazingly Beautiful (To-Tam) 2013
America 2010
American girl  
American Kids (R. Pelletier) 2015
Am'I blue (M. Bourré) 2012, 2013
Amigo country (C. Castonguay) 2011
Amor blanca  
Amor de Rumba (N. Gifford) 2013
Amore mio (L. Camerlain) 2012, 2014
Amore simplice  
Amour en ligne (L. Perret) 2013
Antes de que te vayas (G. Dubé) 2011, 2013
A rockin' good way (L. Burgess) 2012
Arrivederci Maria  
Askin' questions  
A Tu Medida (L. Lefebvre) 2012
Avec toi  
Aventure (L. Tessier) 2011
Ay José (Diane Ranger) 2012, 2013, 2014
Baby Belle (G. Teather) 2015
Baby come back to me (M. Svensson) 2010, 2011
Back again (R. McGowan Hickie) 2010, 2011
Back In Love (RM Hickie) 2013
Bad moon on the rise  
Bad Romance (Dominguez-Berkowitz) 2012
Baila companeros  
Baila morena (D. Coallier) 2011
Balada (F. Sittrop) 2013
Ballymore boys 2010
Bamba (M. Bourré)  
Banca banca  
Bandwagon (L. Sansoucy) 2015
Bang Bang LuLu (M. Gauthier) 2011
Bar dance (P)  
Bartender (L. Sansoucy) 2012
Batter up!  
Beautiful day  
Beer for my horses  
Bella Donna (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2012
Besame (M. Bourré) 2010
Betty Lou boogie  
Big girls boogie  
Big Jimmy (Sala-McGowan Hickie) 2011
Biker chick  
Billy blue lights  
Billy Jean  
Billy's dance (P)  
Billy's got his beer goggles on  
Black Betty  
Black diamond 2010
Black horse  
Black Velvet (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Blue bayou dreams (V. Ray) 2011, 2012
Blue chip  
Blue jeans  
Blue Night Cha (K. Ray) 2012
Blue note 2010
Blue rodeo  
Blue rose (P)  
Blurry Lines (A. Johnstone) 2013, 2015
Blurred Lines (W. Bos & R. Verdonk) 2015
Bob the B  
Bobby Quickstep (L. Lapointe) 2012, 2013
Bonne nuit (D. Coallier) 2012
Boogie Woogie Baby Jill (Ozgur-Takaç) 2012
Boot scootin' boogie 2010
Born To Be Blue (L. Sansoucy) 2013
Bossa nova (P. Dennington) 2011
Bouty Shake (G. Rivet) 2012, 2013
Booty Swing (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Brand new girlfriend  
Break away  
Bring back  
Bring me water  
Broken hearted RNR  
Broon Sauce (Ghazaly-Meaney) 2013
Bruises (N. Poulsen) 2013
Buenas noches mi amor  
Building bridges  
C'est la vie (Isabelle Gagnon) 2014
C'est si bon (C. Castonguay) 2015
Caballero (I. Weisburd) 2012
Cacao azucar (M. Yvon) 2011
Cadillac boogie  
Cadillac cowboy (Bourgault-Dubé-Cormier) 2010, 2011
Caliente (MM & R Tellier) 2012
Calypso Mexico (L. Robinette) 2010, 2011, 2013
Calypso Mexico (R. Vos) 2011
Camina (T.C. Tam) 2011
Canadian stroll  
Candy wine  
Capitaine (L. Camerlain) 2013
Capone (M. Buisson) 2011
Caraibe disco  
Casablanca (M-M & R. Tellier) 2010
Cash Back (D. Fife) 2015
Catch the rain  
Caught in the act  
Caya merengue  
C'est la vie (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Celtic connection  
Ces mots stupides (L. Jean) 2011
Cha cha Claude (C. Castonguay) 2010
Cha cha surprise  
Cha cha tonight  
Cha cha with me  
Cha cha salsa 2010
Cha cha train 2010
Charleston boogie for two (P)  
Charleston cowboy 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Charleston pop  
Charlie's touch down  
Chelo cha cha  
Chica boom boom (V. Morris) 2010, 2011
Chika-T Chika-É (M. Bourré) 2013
Chill factor 2010
China Fox (L. Jean) 2013
Chiquito (MM & R Tellier) 2012
Christmas cha cha (P. Senneville) 2010
Chu ben quand... (Denise Bernier) 2014
Cinco cha cha 2010, 2011, 2012
Clap clap dance 2010, 2011
Clap dance 2  
Clap Happy ! (Shaz Walton) 2014, 2015
Clap your hands  
Clap your hands Ghighi  
Coastin (R & T Yeoman) 2013
Coco Cowboy (L. Sansoucy) 2013
Coco loco (V. Scott) 2015
Coconut & Calypso  
Coeur en chocolat (Alarie-Lavallée) 2011
Collé collé  
Columbia salsa  
Come dance with me  
Come rain come shine (F. Sittrop) 2011
Comme une fleur sous la neige (D. Degré) 2012
Con las manos arriba (C. Blain) 2012
Con sabor (C. Blain) 2011
Continental 2010, 2011, 2012
Continental 2 (Corpo) 2010, 2014
Continental King (L.C. Perret) 2010, 2011
Cool chick (R. McGowan Hickie) 2011
Cool whip  
Copenhagen (C. Tucker) 2011
Count to 3  
Country 2 step (Masters in line) 2011
Country Cha Cha (L. Sansoucy) 2011
Country girl  
Country girl shake (Adlam & Hennings) 2012
Country twist (Desrosiers-Black) 2011
Cowboy cha cha  
Cowboy cha cha Colorado (P)
Cowboy Cumbia (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Cowboy ride  
Cowboy up  
Cowgirl's twist  
Crazy (L. Sansoucy) 2010
Crazy 2006  
Crazy foot mambo  
Cripple creek  
Cruisin (N. Hale) 2012
Cuban Sugar (Linda Sansoucy) 2014, 2015
Cuban walk
Cumbia amor  
Cumbia de la cobra  
Dale bomba 2010
Dance Again (R. Vas) 2012, 2013, 2015
Dance shake & swing  
Dance zone  
Darlin' (L.Sansoucy)  
Danse à Fred (M. Bégin) 2013
Danse passion 2010
Danser le mambo (M-M et R. Tellier) 2013
Dansez Bougez Tournez (Alarie-Lavallée) 2012
Danza Kuduro (Vane-Torti) 2011
Daughters of Erin  
Days go by  
Devil's shadow  
DHSS 2010, 2015
Diamonds Make Babies (A. & P. Metelnick) 2013
Diesel driving daddy  
Disappearing tail lights (Biggs-Metelnick) 2013
Disco du lundi (H. Caron) 2010
Disco Reel (L.C. Perret) 2011
Disco Shakira  
Dixie rose  
Do It Like Bubba (J. Lessard & P. Mercier) 2012
Do wop be do be do  
Doctor doctor (Masters in line) 2010
Doing our thing (S. Larkins) 2011
Dolly's hits  
Don't Forget (C. Hudon) 2013
Don't you wish  
Don't feel like dancing  
Don't disturb me (N. Poulsen) 2014
Donna bonita 2010
Donne-moi ton coeur (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2012
Donnez-lui des roses (M. Dufour) 2011
Doom doom  
Double S  
Douce Caresse (L. Camerlain) 2013
Down by the river (LD Crazy Mike) 2013
Down on the corner 2010
Dream lover (P)  
Drinks for 2  
Drive faster (P)  
Driven (R. Fowler) 2013
East coast shakin 2010
East to west (L. Hayden) 2015
Easy Burning (B. Tygesen) 2012
Easy come easy go 2010
Easy does it  
El ano  
El loco mambo (S. Holtland) 2012, 2013
El matador  
El paso (P) 2011, 2013, 2014
El paso de la tortuga (L.C. Perret) 2010
El zancudo  
Electric slide 2010, 2011, 2012
Eleven 01  
Entrez dans ma demeure (JG Lavoie) 2010
Estoy a gusta  
Eternel Secret (Ria Vos) 2014, 2015
Every cotton pickin' morning  
Everybody jam
Excuse me 2010
Facciamo (M. Bourré) 2012
Fais dodo  
Fall in love (Pat Stot) 2014
Father & daughter (K. Hadley) 2011, 2015
Feel good rumba  
Feel the love  
Femme like you  
Fence & Glue (N. Lynne) 2011
Fenua 2010, 2015
Firecracker (R. Lindsay) 2011
First cha (S. Cormier) 2011, 2012
Fly away!  
Fly like a bird  
Fools and beer  
Footloose (T. Pinoy) 2013, 2014
Footsteps (Laferty-McEnaney) 2013
Fou de Corfou (El Paolo) 2010, 2013
Friends (L. Deering) 2012
Funky gallo  
Funny face (M. Bourré) 2012
Gentleman cambrioleur (Tessier-Chénard) 2010
Get down the fiddle  
Get reel (M. Masselli) 2010
Ghost train 2012
Giddy on up (N. Lachance) 2011
Give it up  
Give me a reason (Chatti the Valley) 2014
Give me more  
Go Johnny (R. McGowan Hickie) 2011
Go mamma go 2010
Go Seven (R. Vas) 2012
Go with me  
God blessed Texas (S. Batson) 2010
Going back west (W. Hotz) 2010, 2013
Going To Memphis (H. Jeppsson) 2012
Going Down The Mountain (Dan-Winnie) 2013
Going through hell  
Go Johnny (R. McGowan Hickie) 2011
Gold sun  
Good feeling 2013, 2014
Good kiss  
Good Love Go (S. Cormier) 2013, 2014
Goodbye Monday (Rob Fowler) 2014
Good Time Girls (Karen Kennedy) 2014
Goulou goulou 2010
Grain of salt
Gypsy (F. Arroyo) 2010
Half past nothin (Fitzgerald-Harris) 2013
Hallo Marie (P. Senneville) 2010
Harley's girl  
Heart and soul (Tessier-Chénard) 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015
Heart of an angel (W. Brown) 2010
Heartbreaker 2010
Heave away  
Heavy heart (P)  
Heleina Rock (F. Forget) 2013
Hello good morning 2010
Hero (L. Sansoucy) 2010
Hey baby  
Heay bartender (P)  
Hey-Ho (MM & R Tellier) 2011
Hey-O (Daren Baley) 2014
Hey Mister (V. Morris) 2012
Hey papi
Hickory lake  
Hideaway cha  
Himmo 2011
Hip to be square  
Hit the road Jack  
Hog wild  
Holding back the ocean  
Home (L. Sansoucy) 2013, 2015
Home to Louisiana  
Honky tonk rock (M. Sorensen) 2011
Honolulu ChaCha (L. Perret) 2011, 2012, 2013
Hooked on country (D. Miranda) 2013
Hotel Angel (A. Watson) 2013
Hot potato
Hot sauce  
Hot tamales (N. Hale) 2011
I don't care  
If it will, it will  
If You Want Dance With Me (D. & G. Ranger) 2012
Iko iko (L. Sansoucy) 2010
I like you (C. Roy) 2011
I love luna (N. Lee) 2011
I love you 2010
Il tape sur des bambous (L. Perret) 2012
I'm alive (S. Tustin) 2011
Inspiration (R.M. Hickie) 2012
In the summertime  
Indian sound (M. Zeckert) 2015
Into the night (P. Mercier) 2010
I only see you  
Irish stew 2012
I said I love you  
I saw Linda yesterday (D. Robinson) 2012,2013
Is baby's radio on (Gytal) 2011
Islands in the stream 2010
Isle of paradise  
It hurts (Chang-Hsu) 2010
It's all right (D. Lavallée & M. Alarie) 2015
I will survive  
J'ai entendu ça quelque part 2010
J'ai du boogie (M. Perry) 2011
J'ai un amour (Alarie-Lavallée) 2012
Jailhouse creole  
Jailhouse Rock (F. B. Gagné) 2011
J'ai un amour (Alarie-Lavallée) 2012
Jamaica cha cha 2010
Jamba jump (Trepat-Grootel) 2011
Jane (S. Holtland) 2012, 2013
Java musette (L.C. Perret) 2011
Je m'accrocherai à toi (G. Rivet) 2013
Jig it up 2010
Jinga jinga  
Jingle bells swing (P. Senneville) 2010
Jive Bunny ( ?? ) 2014, 2015
Johnny (P)  
Jo-Rose waltz  
Jukebox (L. Sansoucy) 2010
Just can't wait  
Just walking in the rain  
Kangourou (L. Jean) 2013
Key lime  
Kid rock Alabama  
Kill the spiders  
Knee Deep (Metelnick - Biggs) 2012
Knock Three Times (N. Morales) 2012
Kolé séré 2010
Koumbo koumbo (Alarie-Lavallée) 2011
La bastringue  
La cabeza  
La choopetta  
La cucanella  
La petite promenade 2010, 2014
La salsa (Mambo jambo)  
La sonara  
La valse des retraités (M. Gauthier) 2013
La vida  
L'amour c'est toi et moi (D. Degré) 2011, 2012
Las calles del sur  
Last in line  
Last night 2010
Latin express  
Le bar à Jules  
Le bateau du ciel (M. Dufour) 2011
Le coeur d'une femme  
Le marchand de bonheur (Alarie-Lavallée) 2011
Le medley créole (M. Ménard)  
Le moustique (L. Jean) 2011
Le navigateur solitaire (L.C. Perret) 2011, 2012
Le rétro 2010
Leave it up  
Leaving of Liverpool  
Left feels right  
Like a star (I. Verstergard) 2015
Like I never  
Limbo dance  
Limon (J. Riel) 2010, 2011
Lipstick 2010
Little Rock (L. Sansoucy) 2012, 2013
Livin' Life Loving You (L. Sansoucy) 2014
Lon Cor Zen  
Love 2 cha cha  
Love's Gonna Make It (D. Albro) 2012
Love Lifted Me (D. Lavallée & M. Alarie) 2014, 2015
Love of a father (K. Gabler) 2012, 2013
Love runs out (B. Moses) 2015
Love runs out (Carmen et V. Blain) 2015
Lucky reggae  
Lune de novembre  
Madison cowboy last night (N. Émond) 2010
Make it up  
Mama Loo  
Mambo Che Bomba (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Mambo de ligne 2010, 2011
Mambo della noche (R. Gauvin) 2015
Mambo du lundi (Caron-Ménard) 2011, 2012
Mambo du vendredi 2010
Mambo no. 5  
Mambo number 7  
Mambo robicks  
Mambo salsa  
Mambo soleil  
Mambo sourire (L.C. Perret) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Mambossa (L. Camerlain) 2011
Mamita (I. Weisburd) 2014, 2015
Mamma Afrika  
Mamma Maria (F. Trace) 2010, 2011, 2012
MamPa-Cha 2010
Mamy Ray  
Marchands de bonheur (Caron-Ménard) 2010
Margarita cha  
Margarita island  
Maravilla (M.-Marthe & R. Tellier) 2014
Mariachis y tequila  
Maria Dolores (L. Perret) 2013, 2014
Mariana mambo (K. Sala) 2012, 2013
Marilyn (Dufour-Lefebvre) 2011
Meet me down in Corpus (dj Dan-Winnie) 2013
Me gustas (C. Quinn) 2012
Méga mambo  
Me myself to Mexico (Alarie-Lavalllée) 2013
Memphis Rock (M. Bourré) 2013
Merengue Disco 2013, 2014
Mi amore  
Mi corazon  
Micaela (C. Martel) 2011
Micaela salsa (M. Bourré)  
Michael's Swing (L. Perret) 2012, 2014
Mine all mine (S. Émond) 2010
Miny Moe (M. Sorensen) 2014
Missing you at all  
MMM Bop  
Modern Romance (K. Sala) 2015
Mojo rhythm  
Mon fils (T. Descôteaux) 2011
Monica (Alarie-Lavalllée) 2011
Monkey around  
Monkey dance  
Moonlight kiss 2010
Moonlight madness (Cathy-Kathy) 2011, 2012, 2015
Mountain Mama  
Move (J. Dubée) 2011, 2015
Mozart (C. Blain) 2013
Mr. Mom  
Mrs Hippie (C. Castonguay) 2011
Muchas Gratias (G. Lajoie-Thibault) 2012
Music music music  
My baby no esta aqui  
My first love (P. Mercier) 2014
My greek no. 1  
My next broken heart  
My Veronica (Metelnick-Bigg) 2010, 2013
Nashville blues  
Nashville kick  
Ne m'oublie pas  
Neh nah  
Never (L. & J.M. Daigle) 2011
New Merengue (C. Hudon) 2012, 2015
New Train (N. B. Poulsen) 2011, 2012
New York New York  
Nico (L. Venne) 2010, 2011, 2012
No mas bolero (L. Tessier & J. Chénard) 2014, 2015
No no never  
No shoes no shirt no problem  
No troubles (L. J. Hubbard) 2011
Nobody knows  
Nous deux  
Nuevo Amor (R. Lacoste) 2013
Odessa Samba (L. Perret) 2013
Oh la la baby (P)  
Oh ! Lonesome me (L. Sansoucy) 2011, 2012
Oh ! my Oh ! my (L. Sansoucy) 2011
Oh Yes Coucou (N. Vallée) 2012
Oki Doki (N. St-Onge & P. Dubois) 2015
Old Dan Tucker (L. Sansoucy) 2014, 2015
On my radio
On the jukebox 2010
On the road again (Metelnick-Biggs) 2010, 2011
One heart
One heart (P)  
One plus one (C. Hudon) 2010
One vision one world  
One way  
Papa Joe 2010
Party for two  
Party jive
Pasqualino (L. Paquet Rivet) 2012
Paysan mambo  
Pen pen  
People are crazy (W. Graig) 2010
Pepper shaker  
Piece of my heart  
Pizzirico (C. Hudon) 2010
Pizzirico (D. Dot) 2010, 2012
Place with no name (J. Dubé) 2015
Play some country  
Please don't cry (Alarie-Lavallée) 2012
Pocahontas (L. Kwoon) 2012
Polka à deux (L. Camerlain & D. Vadeboncoeur) 2014, 2015
Quand je te vois (Céline & G. Guérin) 2015
Quando volveras 2010
Quanto Amore (Scott-Buckley) 2012
Quarter after one (L.J. Hubbard) 2012
Que sera  
Quizas Quizas Quizas (Winnie Yu) 2012
Ragtime charleston  
Railroad Tracks (C. Fortier) 2012
Rattlesnake café  
Razor sharp  
Red hot salsa  
Red hot salsa (P)  
Redneck girl  
Reggae cowboy  
Return to sender  
Rhythm of the rain  
Rider's triple (Fortin-Delisle) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Rider's promenade (P)  
Rider's slide  
Rider's Triple (Fortin-Delisle) 2012, 2013
Ridin' the rodeo (Mathieson-Fisher) 2013
Rio 2010
Ritmo (R. Vos) 2015
Riverbank Stomp (DeAnna Lee) 2015
Rock d'Hawaii  
Rock'N'Mama (L. Jean) 2012
Rock'N'Roll is King (M. Sorensen) 2012
Rock'N'Roll Kiss (C. Hudon) 2012
Romance 2010
Roomba (G. Mundy) 2010
Rose quickstep  
Rub it in  
Rumba désir (C.Castonguay) 2010
Rumba Initiation (L. Perret) 2013
Safe And Sound (M. Driemel) 2013
Salsamba (N. Morales) 2012
Salsaria (M. Perry) 2010, 2011
Samba Gigi (Samba no. 2) 2011, 2012
Santo santo  
SaxoBeat (Stubbs-Archer) 2011
SBS (I. Weisburd) 2011
Scottisch (P)  
Sea salt sally 2010
Sea you again (D. Albro) 2014
Seduce 2010
Sel de mer
S'en va l'amour  
Senorita (P)  
Serpentin 2010, 2011, 2012
Serpentin 2 ( ?? ) 2015
Sex on the beach (SOTB)  
Sex Love and Texas (Vane-Bos-Verdonk) 2013
Sexy samba 2010
Sexy stir fry 2010
Shakatak 2010
Shake rattle roll  
Shakin' mix  
Shame & Scandal In The Family (R. Ghazali) 2012, 2013
Shame shame 2010, 2011, 2012
She Wears My Ring (St-Hilaire-Dufour) 2011
Shooga 2010
Show me what u got  
Side saddle (P)  
Siempre 2013
Siempre manana (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2013
Sing along  
Singin' In The Rain (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2011, 2012
Sixteen steps (P)  
Skiffle Time (D. Bailey) 2013
Sky loves blue  
Skyfall (S. Groleau) 2013
Snap Your Fingers (R. McEnaney) 2011, 2012
Snow flakes (A. Jacques) 2011
Solo para ti (Alarie-Lavallée) 2010
Some beach 2010
Some girls  
Somebody like you (A.G. Birchall) 2010
Somebody to love  
Something easy  
Something Happened (R. Ghazali) 2013
Something in the water (N. B. Poulsen) 2012
Smokey Places (M. Perron) 2013
Snap your fingers (R. McEnaney) 2011
Snow flakes (A. Jacques) 2011
Sonrisa 2010
Southern streamline 2010
Spanish waltzing  
Speak to the sky  
Special D  
Squeeze me in  
Star people  
Stealing the best (R. Multari) 2010, 2011, 2012
Stereo love (C. Klassenbos) 2011
Sticks & Bones  
Still boogie  
Stop it  
Strait to old Mexico  
Stupidville (A. Watson) 2011
Such a fool (N. Poulsen) 2014
Sue (D. Trepat, ...) 2012
Sugar Push 2012
Sun Daze (D. Robert) 2015
Sunbeam (B. Moggia)) 2014
Sundown Waltz  
Sunny day  
Sunny day for 2 (P)  
Sunshine (M. Bourré) 2015
Sunshine express (K. Rhine) 2011
Sunshine reggae 2010
Sur un air d'accordéon (F. Collette) 2014
Sure shot shuffle  
Sway (P)  
Sweet caballero (P)  
Sweet gypsie rose  
Sweet Like Cola (F. Sittrop) 2011
Sweet Liza  
Sweet sweet smile  
Swiss Country (M. Rohrer) 2013
SXE 2010
T'aimer trop (S. Groleau) 2014
T.L.C. (S. Mason) 2011, 2012, 2013
Tailgate (D. Albro) 2012
Take me home mama  
Tampico bay (R. Ghazali) 2011
Tango bohémien (A. Jacques) 2010, 2011
Tango de la tortue 2011
Tango de Pasion (K. Sala) 2013
Tango with the sheriff (A. Churm) 2011
Tap-Tap (L.C. Perret) 2012
Tears 4 you  
Telepathy (C. Hodgson) 2011
Tell me why  
Tennessee waltz surprise (A. Chumbley) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Tequila (G. Rivet) 2012
Texas girl  
Texas waltz 2010, 2012
Thank you baby  
That'll be the day  
The alpine  
The boat to Liverpool (R. Brown) 2014
The dixie's dance  
The Doctor is in (C. Castonguay) 2013
The Flute (M. Gallagher) 2012
The gambler (Henley-Dubé) 2010, 2011
The heartbreaker (C. Oliver) 2010
The last tango  
The Morning Come, Joanna (M. Sorensen) 2012
The Old Fashioned Way (L. Antonucci) 2012
The one for me (K. Hunyadi) 2015
The Picnic Polka (D. Paden) 2011
The shooter (P)  
The way  
There's the door (A. Biggs & P. Metelnick) 2015
Things (L.C. Perret) 2011
Thinking Country (M. Gagné) 2014
Third rate romance  
Ti cerco amore (J. Chénard & M. Leduc) 2015
Time to dream (P)  
Time to swing 2010
Tiny bubbles  
To dream alone  
Toes 2010
Together Swing (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2012
Too hot to hold  
Too Much (D. Giroux) 2012
Tornero (N. Morales) 2011, 2013, 2015
Touche me (L. Kwoon) 2010, 2011
Toujours Plus "O" (Alarie-Lavallée) 2012
Travelin' man (C. Macari) 2011
Travelin' man (K & M Smith) 2011
Trespassing (Whitehouse & Bailey) 2013
Trickle trickle  
Triple J
Triste Venise  
Trust Me (G. Morrison) 2012
Tu compania  
Tuesday's Cha Cha  
Tu m'appartiens 2011
Tura line dance  
Turbo twang  
Turn it on cowboy (T. Bouvet) 2014
Turn me loose (S. Ward) 2011
Tush push (J. Ferrazzano) 2010, 2011, 2012
Twist and shake (S. Roy) 2010, 2011, 2012
Twist with The Fat Boys (Verdonk-Bos) 2012
Under the boardwalk 2010
Under the sun 2010
Une histoire 2010, 2011
Until the end  
Urban living  
USA today  
Valse Allisa  
Valse des amoureux (R. Lacoste) 2011
Valse d'un amour 2010
Valse Rita 2010, 2011
Valse Ursula  
Vegas cha cha  
Verita (La) (L. Mathieu) 2013
Vertical expression 2010
Viens à la fiesta (J. St-Amant) 2010, 2013
Violino tzigano  
Viva la vida  
Vive la polka  
Vivo para ti 2010, 2015
Voulez-vous danser madame (M. Beaucage) 2012
Wakira (M. Gallagher) 2011
Walk backwards  
Walkin' on me 2010
Wall antlers 2010
Wanne be Elvis (R. M. Hickie) 2010
Want you back (J. Chénard) 2010
Wave on wave  
We only live once (R. McGowan-Hickie) 2015
What say you  
Where I belong (M. Gallagher) 2010
Where we've been (L. Wilson) 2010
Whole again 2010
Whole lot of leaving  
Whole lotta hillcrest  
Wild stallion (H. Rick) 2011
Wow Tokyo (R. Vos & K. Sala) 2014
Y'a du soleil (D. Vadeboncoeur) 2012
Ya no me quieres  
Yippie IA  
You belong with me (G. Dubé) 2010
You look good in my shirt  
You're my destiny 2010
Your arms again  
Z Dance (L. Sansoucy) 2012, 2013
Zenyatta's Waltz (M. Burton) 2012
Zorba 2010, 2012