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On February 24, 1997, Steve Sullivan posted the last update of the All-Time Glamour Girls Survey in digest V97/50. Since it's been a while now, please ignore the invitation to send votes.

For this final update in the All-Time Glamour Girls Survey, you'll find below the complete Top 1,000 in rank order, plus an alphabetical listing of some noteworthy ladies who are just below the Top 1,000. Close to 3,000 different women from the 1920s to the '90s--actresses, models, strippers, singers, and more--have received votes. For Playboy Mailing List members only, I've also included a ranking of the top ten Playmates for each five-year time period (1960-64, 1965-69, etc.).

Following this update, anyone who hasn't yet participated in the survey has two weeks to send me their list of TEN OR MORE all-time glamour/pin-up favorites. If you've previously voted, you can send me additional or revised selections, but please tell me that you've voted before! The closing date is Monday night, March 10. (Subscribers to my magazine "Glamour Girls: Then and Now" can vote by mail until two weeks after the new issue is mailed out on approximately March 7.)

Once the "polls" are closed, final vote tabulations will begin, a formidable task considering that total participants are now approaching 1,000, most of whom have sent 20 or more selections each.

The final results of the survey will be published in a special digest-sized book called "Glamour Girls of the Century."

Running approximately 200 pages with about 200 photos including a color section, the book will feature: two pages each for the Top 20 Glamour Girls with photos and capsule biographies; one page each for the women ranked from #21-100; the rank order list of everyone from #101 through #1,000 with brief information on every gal; and a complete alphabetical index for the Top 1,000 so you can readily find your favorites. Predicting the publication date for such a huge undertaking is a bit hazardous, but I hope to get it out in July or August.

The scoring system for the survey is as follows:

110 points for #1 ranking
90 pts for #2
85 pts for #3, 80 pts for #4
75 pts for #5, 70 pts for #6
65 pts for #7, 60 pts for #8
55 pts for #9, 50 pts for #10
49 pts for #11, 48 pts for #12, 47 pts for #13, etc.,

all the way down to 10 points for #50

For those of you who have sent me a list consisting of fewer than 10 names, please be aware that these votes count only about HALF as much as a list with 10 or more names. Any list consisting of five or fewer names provides only 30 points for each woman listed--that's equivalent to a ranking of #30. If you fall into either category, I would urge you to send me some additional favorites to fill out at least a top ten. For those of you who have already sent me a Top Ten list, your votes do count at full value; but if you have any other favorites, I'd encourage you to E-mail these names to me as well. (Once again, just remind me first that you're modifying a previous vote.) As you'll note from the rankings below, an extra 30 or 40 points can make a real difference.

I've encountered some overly eager folks who have attempted to stuff the ballot box with multiple sets of votes. This has forced me to waste valuable time in digging through my files for any ballots that look suspiciously similar, so that I can throw out the duplicates. Please don't do this! As noted above, I don't mind if people want to revise or expand their previous lists of favorites--provided that you tell me up front that this is what you're doing--but submitting a second or third separate list in order to give your favorites an artificial boost is a no-no.

You're perfectly free to vote for anyone, whether they're on the list or not. (If you do cast a write-in vote for someone who's not that well-known, please offer a few words of identification.) And while I hope you give your list some thought, don't agonize too much about your exact rankings; this isn't an exam, it's supposed to be fun! E-mail your ranking of 10 OR MORE (a minimum of 10, please) Babes of the Century to:

--Steve Sullivan

25,435 pts 1.MARILYN MONROE
17,209 pts 2.JAYNE MANSFIELD
17,124 pts 3.RAQUEL WELCH
16,301 pts 4.BRIGITTE BARDOT
15,365 pts 5.BETTIE PAGE
14,769 pts 6.SOPHIA LOREN
14,353 pts 7.JUNE WILKINSON
12,353 pts 8.ANN-MARGRET
10,912 pts 9.RITA HAYWORTH
10,563 pts 10.ANITA EKBERG
10,365 pts 11.Elizabeth Taylor
9890 pts 12.Mamie Van Doren
9836 pts 12.Samantha Fox
9632 pts 13.Cynthia Myers (12/68 Playmate)
9507 pts 15.Cindy Crawford
7895 pts 16.Pamela Anderson
7532 pts 17.Ursula Andress
7196 pts 18.Anna Nicole Smith (1992-93 Playmate of year)
6898 pts 19.Lynda Carter
6846 pts 20.Candy Barr (legendary 1950s stripper)
6828 pts 21.Barbara Eden
6739 pts 22.Claudia Schiffer
6662 pts 23.Gina Lollobrigida
6662 pts 24.Kim Novak
6440 pts 25.Julie Newmar
6348 pts 26.Natalie Wood
6174 pts 27.Catherine Deneuve
6161 pts 28.Jean Harlow
6084 pts 29.Stella Stevens
5901 pts 30.Farrah Fawcett
5820 pts 31.Grace Kelly
5779 pts 32.Jane Russell
5728 pts 33.Diane Webber (aka Marguerite Empey)
5722 pts 34.Kim Basinger
5612 pts 35.Bo Derek
5602 pts 36.Sharon Stone
5580 pts 37.Ava Gardner
5518 pts 38.Betty Brosmer (classic 1950s blonde bombshell)
5482 pts 39.Irish McCalla ("Sheena, Queen of the Jungle")
5413 pts 40.Michelle Pfeiffer
5366 pts 41.Tina Louise
5050 pts 42.Hedy Lamarr
4929 pts 43.Barbi Benton
4869 pts 44.Lili St. Cyr (the classiest of all strippers)
4855 pts 45.Joi Lansing (39-23-37 1950s TV blonde)
4830 pts 46.Uschi Digart (bosomy blonde Russ Meyer gal)
4799 pts 47.Elle MacPherson
4619 pts 48.Claudia Cardinale
4618 pts 49.Traci Lords
4609 pts 50.Virginia Bell (48-24-36 '50s stripper)
4602 pts 51.Jennifer Connelly
4529 pts 52.Madonna
4519 pts 53.Kathy Ireland
4438 pts 54.Lana Turner
4383 pts 55.Tempest Storm (raven-haired '50s strip legend)
4375 pts 56.Betty Grable
4285 pts 57.Elke Sommer
4282 pts 58.Diana Rigg ("The Avengers")
4258 pts 59.Jacqueline Bisset
4247 pts 60.Jaclyn Smith
4170 pts 61.Vanessa Williams
4145 pts 62.Bunny Yeager (sexiest of all photographers)
4107 pts 63.Loni Anderson
4052 pts 64.Heather Locklear
4034 pts 65.Christie Brinkley
4010 pts 66.Jenny McCarthy
4007 pts 67.Candy Loving (1/79 Playmate)
3964 pts 68.Marlene Dietrich (timeless glamour legend)
3890 pts 69.Joyce Gibson (aka Alexis Love)
3871 pts 70.Demi Moore
3767 pts 71.Sybil Danning
3754 pts 72.Jane Fonda
3747 pts 73.Angie Dickinson
3718 pts 74.Joan Collins
3672 pts 75.Christina Applegate ("Married With Children")
3652 pts 76.Diana Dors (Britain's '50s movie blonde)
3649 pts 77.Erika Eleniak (7/89 Playmate)
3613 pts 78.Pam Grier (queen of '70s "blaxploitation")
3560 pts 79.Senta Berger (1960s Austrian film beauty)
3521 pts 80.Kitten Natividad (Russ Meyer babe)
3519 pts 81.Maria Whittaker (brunette '80s Brit. pin-up)
3476 pts 82.Sandra Bullock
3468 pts 83.Blaze Starr (1950s burlesque great)
3464 pts 84.Petra Verkaik (12/89 Playmate)
3464 pts 85.Marilyn Lange (1974-75 Playmate of Year)
3430 pts 86.Caroline Munro (sultry brunette Br. cult star)
3428 pts 87.Dorothy Stratten (1979-80 Playmate of Year)
3398 pts 88.Ingrid Bergman (classic beauty in "Casablanca")
3331 pts 89.Greta Garbo
3323 pts 90.Joanne Latham (late-'70s Brit. blonde pin-up)
3307 pts 91.Teri Hatcher
3294 pts 92.Roberta Pedon (bosomy mid-'70s nude model)
3233 pts 93.Shannon Tweed (1981-82 Playmate of Year)
3147 pts 94.Laura Antonelli (1970s Italian movie sex queen)
3069 pts 95.Meg Myles ('50s actress/pin-up, 42-in. bust)
3037 pts 96.Dian Parkinson
3035 pts 97.Sabrina (41-18-36 British blonde 1950s)
3027 pts 98.Audrey Hepburn
3016 pts 99.Ann Marie (Russ Meyer blonde, "67-inch" bust)
3013 pts 100.Gene Tierney (stunning '40s movie brunette)
3009 pts 101.DeDe Lind (8/67 Playmate)
2998 pts 102.Joey Heatherton
2980 pts 103.Kimberly McArthur (1/82 Playmate)
2978 pts 104.Lilly Christine ("Cat Girl" of '50s stripping)
2974 pts 105.Morgan Fairchild
2958 pts 106.Dolly Parton
2953 pts 107.Rhonda Fleming ('50s Hollywood redhead)
2951 pts 108.Jane Seymour
2932 pts 109.Jill St. John
2926 pts 110.Sherilyn Fenn
2859 pts 111.Lillian Muller (1975-76 Playmate of Year)
2853 pts 112.Monique Gabrielle (blonde scream queen)
2851 pts 113.Victoria Principal
2826 pts 114.Barbi Twins
2814 pts 115.Natassia Kinski
2800 pts 116.Vivien Leigh
2742 pts 117.Veronica Lake (1940s blonde star)
2687 pts 118.Alicia Silverstone
2679 pts 119.Christy Canyon (brunette '80s porn star)
2623 pts 120.Natalie Jay (aka Natalie Banus, Brit. brunette)
2614 pts 121.Liv Lindeland (1971-72 Playmate of Year)
2579 pts 122.Lauren Bacall
2542 pts 123.Brooke Shields
2487 pts 124.Michelle Angelo (late-'60s bosomy nude model)
2479 pts 125.Donna Edmondson (1986-87 Playmate of Year)
2475 pts 126.Tuesday Weld (Hollywood's "Pretty Poison")
2466 pts 127.Naomi Campbell
2443 pts 128.Karen Price (1/81 Playmate)
2439 pts 129.Eve Meyer (6/55 Playmate)
2429 pts 130.Dorothy Dandridge (legendary black star)
2426 pts 131.Meg Ryan
2405 pts 132.Phoebe Cates
2393 pts 133.June Palmer (1960s British brunette model)
2391 pts 134.Barbara Carrera ("Never Say Never Again")
2386 pts 135.Paulina Porizkova
2380 pts 136.Winona Ryder
2361 pts 137.Elvira
2338 pts 138.Cheryl Tiegs
2304 pts 139.Alana Soares (3/83 Playmate)
2296 pts 140.Patricia Farinelli (12/81 Playmate)
2250 pts 141.Mae West
2245 pts 142.Rosina Revelle ('50s Br. brunette, 46-in. bust)
2239 pts 143.Vicky Kennedy (aka Margaret Nolan; "Goldfinger")
2238 pts 144.Karen Christy (12/71 Playmate)
2234 pts 145.Janet Leigh
2233 pts 146.Cheryl Ladd
2204 pts 147.Lisa Winters (1956-57 Playmate of Year)
2189 pts 148.Linda Evans
2185 pts 149.Ruth Anderson (40-24-36 early '70s model)
2164 pts 150.Rhonda Shear ("USA Up All Night")
2152 pts 151.Kelly Lebrock
2137 pts 152.Salma Hayek (bombshell now in "Fools Rush In")
2110 pts 153.Halle Berry
2086 pts 154.Ornella Muti (breathtaking Italian brunette)
2085 pts 155.Teri Copley ("We've Got It Made" blonde)
2069 pts 156.Greta Thyssen ('50s Danish blonde bombshell)
2058 pts 157.Avril Lund (1973-74 Pet of the Year)
2056 pts 158.Geena Davis
2053 pts 159.Louise Brooks (legend of the silent screen)
2034 pts 160.Joy Harmon (the blonde in "Cool Hand Luke")
2011 pts 161.Lorna Maitland (star of Russ Meyer's "Lorna")
2011 pts 162.Heather Thomas
2009 pts 163.Adrienne Barbeau
2001 pts 164.Kathleen Turner ("Body Heat")
1999 pts 165.Tia Carrere
1998 pts 166.Carroll Baker ("The Carpetbaggers")
1957 pts 167.Julianna Young (11/93 Playmate)
1934 pts 168.Maureen O'Hara (John Wayne's favorite)
1918 pts 169.Ewa Aulin ("Candy")
1915 pts 170.Renee Tenison (1989-90 Playmate of Year)
1908 pts 171.Corrine Alphen (1982 Pet of the Year)
1902 pts 172.Raven de la Croix (Russ Meyer's "Up!")
1901 pts 173.Candy Samples (huge-bosomed '70s blonde)
1892 pts 174.Melinda Windsor (2/66 Playmate)
1890 pts 175.Yvonne DeCarlo ('50s Hollywood brunette)
1884 pts 176.Sharon Tate
1879 pts 177.Britt Ekland
1870 pts 178.Tiffany Towers (huge-bosomed blonde stripper)
1839 pts 179.Barbara Valentin ("German Jayne Mansfield")
1836 pts 180.Pauline Hickey (aka Zoe Lee, '80s blonde)
1797 pts 181.Cyd Charisse (leggy queen of MGM musicals)
1780 pts 182.Janet Jackson
1776 pts 183.Tanya Roberts
1775 pts 184.Mara Corday (10/58 Playmate & cult star)
1775 pts 185.Donna Michelle (1963-64 Playmate of Year)
1758 pts 186.Emmanuelle Beart
1758 pts 187.Drew Barrymore
1757 pts 188.Terry Higgins (chesty blonde model early '60s)
1749 pts 189.Isabel Sarli ('60s sex queen of S. American cinema)
1740 pts 190.Sabrina Salerno (late-'80s Italian brunette)
1737 pts 191.Patti McGuire (1976-77 Playmate of Year)
1721 pts 192.Uma Thurman
1710 pts 193.Jennifer Aniston
1707 pts 194.Lisa Matthews (1990-91 Playmate of Year)
1694 pts 195.Sheena Easton
1682 pts 196.Gillian Anderson
1676 pts 197.Lana Wood (Natalie's chestier sister)
1670 pts 198.Josephine Baker (black legend of the stage)
1663 pts 199.Cleo Moore ('50s movie blonde bombshell)
1662 pts 200.Yvette Vickers ("Attack of Giant Leeches")
1661 pts 201.Nancy Kwan ("The World of Suzie Wong")
1657 pts 202.Clara Bow (1920s Hollywood's "It Girl")
1645 pts 203.Sonia Braga ('80s Brazilian sizzler)
1644 pts 204.Rosanna Arquette
1640 pts 205.Julie London (sultry '50s chanteuse)
1636 pts 206.Nicole Kidman
1630 pts 207.Linda Darnell ('40s Hollywood brunette)
1629 pts 208.Marilyn Cole (1972-73 Playmate of Year)
1612 pts 209.Debbee Ashby ('80s British blonde pin-up)
1609 pts 210.Julie McCullough (2/86 Playmate)
1598 pts 211.Abbe Lane (Xavier Cugat's sexy songstress)
1597 pts 212.Julie Strain (towering brunette scream queen)
1589 pts 213.Bernadette Peters
1565 pts 214.Iman (African-born supermodel)
1555 pts 215.Gwen Wong (4/67 Playmate)
1554 pts 216.Rita Moreno (Oscar winner, "W. Side Story")
1547 pts 217.Erica Gavin (star of R. Meyer's "Vixen")
1540 pts 218.Linda Gamble (1960-61 Playmate of Year)
1535 pts 219.Edy Williams ("Beyond Valley of the Dolls")
1531 pts 220.Angelyne (Hollywood blonde billboard queen)
1530 pts 221.Suzanne Somers
1518 pts 222.Virna Lisi ("How to Murder Your Wife")
1506 pts 223.Helen Hunt
1501 pts 224.June Cochran (1962-63 Playmate of Year)
1500 pts 225.Mariah Carey
1499 pts 226.Rebecca DeMornay
1498 pts 227.Paulette Goddard ('40s Hollywood brunette)
1480 pts 228.Karen Velez (1984-85 Playmate of Year)
1463 pts 229.Chesty Morgan (Miss 73-24-36)
1463 pts 230.Yvonne Craig (Batgirl)
1457 pts 231.Paula Page ('50s Brit. blonde, 46-in. bust)
1452 pts 232.Yvette Mimieux (blonde '60s star)
1450 pts 233.Chelo Alonso ("Cuban H-Bomb" of '60s films)
1435 pts 234.Azizi Johari (6/75 Playmate)
1426 pts 235.Sylva Koscina ('60s Yugoslavian film beauty)
1419 pts 236.Debra Paget (sexy '50s actress/dancer)
1419 pts 237.Yasmine Bleeth ("Baywatch" brunette)
1408 pts 238.Sophie Marceau (French beauty in "Braveheart")
1404 pts 239.Tyra Banks (current Sports Ill. cover girl)
1404 pts 240.Yvonne D'Angers ('60s blonde stripper)
1400 pts 241.Lee Meredith (blonde in "The Sunshine Boys")
1390 pts 242.Tura Satana ("Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill")
1388 pts 243.Claudia Jennings (1969-70 Playmate of year)
1374 pts 244.Alyssa Milano (from TV to steamy cinema)
1370 pts 245.Julia Roberts
1365 pts 246.Morganna (ultra-bosomy "Kissing Bandit")
1358 pts 247.Susan Hayward (redhead, '40s-'50s star)
1357 pts 248.Tiffani-Amber Thiessen ("90210")
1353 pts 249.Goldie Hawn
1351 pts 250.Kimberly Conrad Hefner (1988-89 Playmate/Year)
1338 pts 251.China Lee (8/64 Playmate)
1337 pts 252.Lena Horne
1331 pts 253.Sheree North ('50s Hollywood blonde)
1330 pts 254.Carol Wayne (Carson's favorite blonde)
1313 pts 255.Cybill Shepherd
1310 pts 256.Judy Landers ("Vegas" TV blonde)
1305 pts 257.Pandora Peaks (epic-bosomed blonde, "Striptease")
1302 pts 258.Annette Funicello
1297 pts 259.Karen Brennan ('80s Brit. brunette pin-up)
1296 pts 260.Isabelle Adjani (French beauty, "Diabolique")
1296 pts 261.Jamie Lee Curtis
1290 pts 262.Marion Michael ('50s "Liane of the Jungle")
1286 pts 263.Jennie Lee ('50s burlesque, "Bazoom Girl")
1286 pts 264.Daryl Hannah
1274 pts 265.Elisabeth Shue ("Leaving Las Vegas")
1271 pts 266.Elizabeth Montgomery ("Bewitched")
1261 pts 267.Valerie Perrine (Lex Luthor's main squeeze)
1251 pts 268.Inger Stevens ("Farmer's Daughter")
1244 pts 269.Babette Bardot (Russ Meyer 1960s blonde)
1243 pts 270.Patricia Ford (Playboy newsstand editions)
1232 pts 271.Elaine Reynolds (10/59 Playmate)
1222 pts 272.Monique Van Vooren ('50s "Belgian Bulge")
1222 pts 273.Lesley Anne Down =
1220 pts 274.Victoria Vetri (aka Angela Dorian, 1968 Playmate of Year)
1220 pts 275.Becky LeBeau ("Soft Bodies" blonde)
1218 pts 276.Theresa Russell ("Black Widow")
1215 pts 277.Carole Lombard ('30s Hollywood immortal)
1210 pts 278.Kellie Everts ("Stripper for God")
1201 pts 279.Linsey McKenzie (current Brit. teen brunette, 38-EE bosom)
1194 pts 280.Jean Jani (7/57 Playmate)
1190 pts 281.Courteney Cox
1188 pts 282.Laya Raki ('50s-'60s German sexpot)
1178 pts 283.Niki Taylor (current supermodel)
1174 pts 284.Laura Gemser (exotic star of "Emmanuelle" films)
1170 pts 285.Mathilda May ('80s film "Lifeforce")
1160 pts 286.Jo Collins (1964-65 Playmate of Year)
1167 pts 287.Maria Stinger ("Marilyn Monroe of Miami")
1164 pts 288.Susan Anton
1156 pts 289.Terri Welles (1980-81 Playmate of Year)
1154 pts 290.Sylvia Kristel (he original "Emmanuelle")
1152 pts 291.Terry Moore (from '50s Hollywood to Playboy)
1137 pts 292.Danni Ashe (one of the current bosom queens)
1129 pts 293.Mary Tyler Moore
1124 pts 294.Traci Topps (massively-endowed stripper)
1118 pts 295.Arlene Dahl ('50s Hollywood redhead)
1109 pts 296.Daina House (1/76 Playmate)
1106 pts 297.Faye Dunaway
1102 pts 298.Stephanie Seymour ('90s supermodel)
1099 pts 299.Shari Eubanks (star of R. Meyer's "Supervixens")
1094 pts 300.Julie Ege (Nowreigan early '70s stunner)
1089 pts 301.Debra Jo Fondren (1977-78 Playmate of year)
1079 pts 302.Sharon Johansen (10/72 Playmate)
1079 pts 303.Roberta Vasquez (11/84 Playmate)
1076 pts 304.Janet Lupo (11/75 Playmate)
1067 pts 305.Vikki Dougan ("The Back" in '50s Hollywood)
1064 pts 306.Daisy Fuentes (MTV)
1057 pts 307.Martine Carol (pre-Bardot French sex queen)
1053 pts 308.Paula Prentiss (husky-voiced '60s star)
1050 pts 309.Juli Reding (40-24-36 blonde 1950s)
1038 pts 310.Tracy Neve ('80s Brit. brunette pin-up)
1037 pts 311.Dana Gillespie ('70s Brit. brunette)
1030 pts 312.Cameron Diaz (blonde in "The Mask")
1030 pts 313.Dane Arden (aka Elsa Sorensen, 9/56 Playmate)
1028 pts 314.Pamela Green ("Bettie Page of Britain")
1028 pts 315.Tami Roche (44-21-36 brunette '70s stripper)
1024 pts 316.Lonny Chin (1/83 Playmate)
1019 pts 317.Stefanie Powers
1019 pts 318.Linda Blair
1013 pts 319.Elaine Stewart ('50s Hollywood beauty)
993 pts 320.Susan Sarandon
990 pts 321.Carol Vitale (7/74 Playmate)
990 pts 322.Christa Speck (1961-62 Playmate of Year)
983 pts 323.Eva Herzigova (the Wonderbra girl)
980 pts 324.Mickey Jines (cute '60s model/stripper)
977 pts 325.Kathy Lloyd ('90s Brit. brunette pin-up)
973 pts 326.Jessica Lange
956 pts 327.Barbara Bouchet ('60s German movie blonde)
953 pts 328.Joan Brinkman ('60s bosomy brunette model)
952 pts 329.Ann Corio (legend of burlesque, '30s-'40s)
948 pts 330.Jodie Foster
941 pts 331.Lane Weldon (late-60s bosomy brunette model)
935 pts 332.Sandra Dee
934 pts 333.Martine Beswick (in 2 1960s 007 films)
933 pts 334.Whitney Houston
933 pts 335.Francesca Dellera (late '80s Ital. brunette)
933 pts 336.Brigitte Nielsen
928 pts 337.Jessica Hahn (from Jim Bakker to Playboy)
926 pts 338.Tina Turner
924 pts 339.Bonnie Logan (early '60s brunette model)
916 pts 340.Dona Speir (3/84 Playmate)
915 pts 341.Pia Zadora
914 pts 342.Barbara Bach ("Spy Who Loved Me")
913 pts 343.Marisa Tomei ("My Cousin Vinny")
911 pts 344.Priscilla Presley
899 pts 345.Elizabeth Hurley (Hugh Grant's lady)
897 pts 346.Anne Francis ("Honey West")
895 pts 347.Maria Montez ('40s brunette exotic film star)
893 pts 348.Stephanie McLean (1970-71 Pet of the Year)
892 pts 349.Lisa Lipps (exceptionally-endowed stripper)
891 pts 350.Lynn Lampert (stunning '50s blonde model)
887 pts 351.Greta Scacchi (British film beauty)
884 pts 352.Xuxa (Brazil's sexiest blonde export)
884 pts 353.Virginia Madsen ('80s movie blonde)
879 pts 354.Julie Christie (Oscar winner, "Darling")
878 pts 355.Daliah Lavi ('60s Israeli film beauty)
877 pts 356.Vanessa Paradis (sexy French singer/actress)
875 pts 357.Claudine Auger ("Thunderball")
873 pts 358.Joan Chen (Chinese-born film beauty)
872 pts 359.Michelle Bauer (scream queen)
864 pts 360.Ginger Rogers
850 pts 361.Jane March ("The Lover")
847 pts 362.Deborah McGuire (black '70s R. Meyer girl)
836 pts 363.Eartha Kitt
836 pts 364.Paula Abdul
836 pts 365.Jayne Kennedy (gorgeous ex-sportscaster)
835 pts 366.Rachel Ward ("The Thorn Birds")
824 pts 367.Helena Christensen ('90s supermodel)
824 pts 368.Anne-Marie Goddard (1/94 Playmate)
821 pts 369.Deborah Shelton ("Dallas")
819 pts 370.Liv Tyler
819 pts 371.Shannon Whirry ("Animal Instincts")
816 pts 372.Allison Armitage (aka Brittany York, 10/90 Pl.)
815 pts 373.Laurette Luez (Hawaiian-born '50s starlet)
814 pts 374.Jane Dolinger ('60s brunette model/author)
814 pts 375.Elizabeth Berkley ("Showgirls")
814 pts 376.Julia Parton ('80s porn star)
811 pts 377.Carole Landis ('40s Hollywood blonde)
809 pts 378.Vendela (blonde supermodel)
808 pts 379.Sylvia McFarland (black bosomy '70s model)
808 pts 380.Connie Stevens
799 pts 381.Melanie Griffith
795 pts 382.Dixie Evans ("Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque")
795 pts 383.Latoya Jackson
793 pts 384.Marianne Gravatte (1982-83 Playmate of Year)
792 pts 385.Phyllis Davis ("Vegas")
781 pts 386.Michelle Johnson ("Blame It On Rio")
778 pts 387.Edwige Fenech ('70s European cult film star)
778 pts 388.Rebecca Ferratti (6/86 Playmate)
775 pts 389.Mira Sorvino
775 pts 390.Diane Lane
772 pts 391.Chloe Vevrier (current bosomy nude model)
766 pts 392.Kate Bush (sultry British songstress)
766 pts 393.Neriah Davis (3/94 Playmate)
762 pts 394.Charlotte Lewis ("The Golden Child")
751 pts 395.Sandra Giles ('50s Hollywood blonde)
747 pts 396.Virginia Mayo ('40s Hollywood blonde)
743 pts 397.Rachel Hunter (Rod Stewart's favorite model)
743 pts 398.Janine Lindemulder (12/87 Penthouse)
742 pts 399.Ingrid Pitt (seductive star of Hammer films)
740 pts 400.Jennifer Jones ('40s Hollywood brunette)
740 pts 401.Candy Morrison ('60s Russ Meyer blonde)
735 pts 402.Seka ('80s blonde porn queen)
731 pts 403.Eva Six ('60s Hungarian blonde in Hollywood)
725 pts 404.Doris Day
717 pts 405.Scilla Gabel ('60s Ital. movie brunette)
717 pts 406.Juli Williams ('60s bosomy nude model)
715 pts 407.Topsy Curvey (huge-bosomed blonde stripper)
712 pts 408.Julia Ormond
711 pts 409.Luciana Paluzzi ("Thunderball")
707 pts 410.Dana Delany ("China Beach")
698 pts 411.Katarina Witt (German Olympic skater)
697 pts 412.Vanya (Hong Kong-born; late '70s pin-up)
693 pts 413.Lupe Velez ('30s Mexican spitfire of Hollywood)
691 pts 414.Janine Turner ("Northern Exposure")
688 pts 415.Marisa Mell (sultry '60s Austrian brunette)
688 pts 416.Barbara Hershey
686 pts 417.Lauren Hutton
685 pts 418.Clio Goldsmith ('80s French star, "Honey")
684 pts 419.Robin Givens
684 pts 420.Dorothy Lamour (Hope & Crosby's lovely pal)
681 pts 421.Dolores Del Rio ('30s Mexican Hollywood star)
677 pts 422.Cher
673 pts 423.Christy Hartberg (Russ Meyer's "Supervixens")
673 pts 424.Lesley Ann Warren
671 pts 425."Dutch Twins" (Van Breeschootens, 9/89 Playmates)
671 pts 426.Debbie Linden ('80s Brit. blonde pin-up)
671 pts 427.Cady Cantrell (4/92 Playmate)
668 pts 428.Brinke Stevens (scream queen)
667 pts 429.Tea Leoni ("The Naked Truth")
666 pts 430.Beatrice Dalle (French star of "Betty Blue")
663 pts 431.Tori Amos (singer/songwriter)
654 pts 432.Joan Severance
654 pts 433.Valerie Bertinelli
650 pts 434.Christy Thom (2/91 Playmate)
648 pts 435.Claudette Colbert ("It Happened One Night")
647 pts 436.Dru Diamond (1985 Penthouse brunette)
646 pts 437.Deanna Lund ("Land of the Giants")
645 pts 438.Shania Twain (country music superstar)
644 pts 439.Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger")
644 pts 440.Terry Farrell ("Deep Space Nine")
634 pts 441.Anita Morris (Broadway redhead bombshell)
634 pts 442.Carmen Electra (singer/model, "Singled Out")
633 pts 443.Charo
631 pts 444.Jewel Shepard (B-movie queen & author)
623 pts 445.Toni Braxton
623 pts 446.Devon Daniels (brunette with 49-inch bust)
622 pts 447.Marina Sirtis ("Star Trek: Next Generation")
617 pts 448.L.A. Bust (bosomy '90s blonde stripper)
615 pts 449.Vanessa Angel (TV's "Weird Science")
611 pts 450.Sumatra Marche (exotic '50s Indonesian model)
608 pts 451.Ellen Stratton (1959-60 Playmate of Year)
605 pts 452.Angela Cavagna (voluptuous Ital. brunette)
604 pts 453.Iris Bristol ('50s Brit. brunette model)
604 pts 454.Traci Adell (7/94 Playmate)
603 pts 455.Linda Ronstadt
600 pts 456.Karin Taylor (6/96 Playmate)
600 pts 457.Vanity (Prince's sexy co-star)
599 pts 458.Deborah Harry
598 pts 459.Kathy Shower (1985-86 Playmate of Year)
597 pts 460.Isabella Rosselini
597 pts 461.Kate Moss
591 pts 462.Sandra Jane Moore (blonde '80s Brit. pin-up)
591 pts 463.Cory Everson (bodybuilder)
589 pts 464.Jennifer Tilly
589 pts 465.Kylie Minogue (Australian singer)
586 pts 466.Shae Marks (5/94 Playmate)
585 pts 467.Angela Melini (6/92 Playmate)
585 pts 468.Linda Evangelista (supermodel)
580 pts 469.Evelyn West ('50s brunette stripper)
579 pts 470.Mylene Demongeot ('50s-'60s French blonde)
579 pts 471.Anna May Wong ('30s Chinese-American star)
578 pts 472.Bridget Fonda
577 pts 473.Shay Knuth (9/69 Playmate)
573 pts 474.Acquanetta (exotic '40s star)
570 pts 475.Rosa Dolmai (late '50s Brit. brunette model)
570 pts 476.Marie Wilson ('50s "My Friend Irma")
569 pts 477.Christina Leardini (4/91 Playmate)
567 pts 478.Esther Williams (aquatic queen of MGM musicals)
565 pts 479.Shauna Sand (5/96 Playmate)
565 pts 480.Elizabeth Ann Hilden (1997 Pet of the Year)
563 pts 481.Carol Imhof (12/70 Playmate)
562 pts 482.Marie McDonald ("The Body" in '40s Hollywood)
562 pts 483.Shannen Doherty
560 pts 484.Belinda Carlisle (Go-Go's)
559 pts 485.Katharine Hepburn
558 pts 486.Stacy Sanches (1995-96 Playmate of Year)
558 pts 487.Dawn Wells ("Gilligan's Island")
557 pts 488.Sally Rand (the original fan dancer)
556 pts 489.Cyndi Wood (1973-74 Playmate of year)
553 pts 490.Diahann Carroll
553 pts 491.Danuta Lato (late '80s Polish model/singer)
552 pts 492.Allison Hayes ("Attack of 50-Ft. Woman")
552 pts 493.Emma Samms
549 pts 494.Dorian Dennis ('50s brunette stripper)
548 pts 495.Jennifer O'Neill ("Summer of '42")
547 pts 496.Madeleine Smith ('70s Brit. brunette starlet)
547 pts 497.Maria Schneider ("Last Tango In Paris")
546 pts 498.Zsa Zsa Gabor
541 pts 499.Honey Bee ('50s brunette stripper, 44" bust)
541 pts 500.Julie Adams ("Creature from Black Lagoon")

501.Kathleen Beller ("Dynasty")
502.Myrna Loy ("The Thin Man" films)
503.Keli Stewart (late-70s black nude model)
504.Linda Fiorentino ("The Last Seduction")
505.Lu Varley (late '80s Brit. blonde pin-up)
506.Madeleine Stowe
507.Kym Malin (5/82 Playmate)
508.Anna Clark (4/87 Playmate)
509.Ashley Judd
510.Donna Douglas ("Beverly Hillbillies")
511.Arline Hunter (8/54 Playmate)
512.Shakira Baksh (Michael Caine's stunning wife)
513.Rochelle Lofting ('50s Brit. brunette, 42" bust)
514.Thelma Todd ('30s Hollywood blonde)
515.Romy Schneider ('60s European star)
516.Mitzi Gaynor ('50s musicals)
517.Hypatia Lee (porn star)
518.Sade (lovely African-born singer)
519.Theda Bara (silent-film femme fatale)
520.Victoria Abril ("Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!")
521.Stephanie Beacham ("The Colbys")
522.Heather Eliz. Parkhurst (blonde in cable's "Sherman Oaks")
523.Debra Turpin (late '80s Brit. pin-up)
524.Joanne Guest (current Brit. blonde pin-up)
525.Barbara Steele ('60s cult movie queen)
526.Nancy Cameron (1/74 Playmate)
527.Jan Stephenson (the sexiest golfer of all)
528.Barbara Nichols ('50s Hollywood blonde)
529.Susan George ("Straw Dogs")
530.Barbara Stanwyck ('40s Hollywood legend)
531.Rosalba Neri ('70s Ital. cult film star)
532.Bridget Hall (current young supermodel)
533.Milla Jovovich (sexy '90s singer/actress)
534.Neve Campbell ("Party of Five")
535.Ann Miller (leggy star of MGM musicals)
536.Gabriela Sabatini (tennis beauty)
537.Donna D'Errico (9/95 Playmate, "Baywatch")
538.Kim Wilde ('80s British singer)
539.Fran Drescher
540.Titanic Tina ('80s blonde, "83-inch" bosom)
541.Gig Gangel (1/80 Playmate)
542.Sigourney Weaver
543.Christiane Schmidtmer ('60s German movie blonde)
544.Sandra Taylor (in 7/95 Playboy)
545.Marilyn Chambers ('70s X-rated queen)
546.Markie Post ("Night Court")
547.Olinka Berova ("Vengeance of She")
548.Linda Lusardi ('80s Brit. brunette pin-up)
549.Debrorah Caprioglio ('90s Ital. brunette)
550.Raquel Darrian (porn star)
551.Ellen Barkin
552.Nicole Eggert ("Baywatch")
553.Ginger Lynn Allen ('80s porn star)
554.Haji (featured in many Russ Meyer films)
555.Debbe Dunning ("Home Improvement")
556.Barbara McNair (black '70s singer/actress)
557.Monique St. Pierre (1978-79 Playmate of Year)
558.Anna Gael ("Therese & Isabelle")
559.Jenny Garth
560.Nikki Cox (curvy teen in "Unhappily Ever After")
561.Roxanne Brewer (bosomy '70s brunette model)
562.Mia Sara ("Ferris Bueller")
563.Donna Mills
564.Lea Thompson ("Caroline In the City")
565.Gypsy Rose Lee (burlesque legend)
566.Joan Crawford
567.Danni Minogue (Kylie's sexier blonde sister)
568.Cathy St. George (8/82 Playmate)
569.Dolly Dollar ('80s German blonde)
570.Virginia Gordon (1/59 Playmate)
571.Carla & Carmen Morrell (Playboy newsstand edition models)
572.Holly Witt (11/95 Playmate)
573.Rene Bond ('70s X-rated film brunette)
574.Patti Reynolds (9/65 Playmate)
575.Serena Grandi (voluptuous '80s Ital. brunette)
576.Christy Turlington (supermodel)
577.Corrina Harney (1991-92 Playmate of Year)
578.Barbara Moore (12/92 Playmate)
579.Gena Lee Nolin ("Baywatch" blonde)
580.Nancy Sinatra
581.Christine Maddox (12/73 Playmate)
582.France Nuyen (enchanting French-Chinese actress)
583.Dyanne Thorne ("Ilsa")
584.Zena Fulsom ('90s blonde, "83-inch" bosom)
585.Teri Weigel (4/86 Playmate to porn)
586.Sue Lyon ("Lolita")
587.Colette Berne ('50s brunette nude model)
588.Carrie Fisher
589.Tawnni Cable (6/89 Playmate)
590.Morena Corwin (9/92 Playmate)
591.Savannah ('80s porn)
592.Candice Bergen
593.Maria Grazia Cuccinotta (Italian bombshell, "Il Postino")
594.Cheryl Rixon (1979 Pet of the Year)
595.Laura Sands ('70s model, aka Becky Clay)
596.Idalis (DeLeon; MTV)
597.Ebony Ayes ('80s black porn star)
598.Olivia D'Abo ("Wonder Years" blonde)
599.Courtney Thorne-Smith ("Melrose Place")
600.Yutte Stensgaard (blonde star, Hammer films)
601.Devin Devasquez (6/85 Playmate)
602.Fran Gerard (3/67 Playmate)
603.Rosanne Katon (9/78 Playmate)
604.Catherine Bach ("Dukes of Hazard")
605.Kerri Kendall (9/90 Playmate)
606.Linda Thorson ("The Avengers")
607.Patsy Kensit
608.Maya Singh ('70s Indian-born nude model)
609.Princess Diana
610.Valerie Leon (statuesque '70s Brit. brunette)
611.Shana Zadrick (sultry brunette supermodel)
612.Ava Fabian (8/86 Playmate)
613.Elaine Moore ('70s black nude model)
614.Olivia Newton-John
615.Gwyneth Paltrow
616.Sean Young
617.Fay Wray ("King Kong")
618.Miki Garcia (1/73 Playmate)
619.Janet Pilgrim (three-time '50s Playmate)
620.Valerie Kaprisky (1983 remake of "Breathless")
621.Andie MacDowell
622.Rekha (India's foremost movie sex symbol)
623.Veronica Carlsson (blonde in Hammer films)
624.Barbara Parkins (sultry '70s brunette star)
625.Rene Russo
626.Joan Marsh (sexy 1930s movie blonde)
627.Frederique (European supermodel)
628.Cheryl Bachman (10/91 Playmate)
629.Lisa Boyle (Playboy newsstand editions model)
630.Arlene Bell (bosomy '70s model, aka Tina Andrea)
631.Angelique Pettijohn (from "Star Trek" to porn)
632.Michelle Phillips (of Mamas & Papas)
633.Annette Bening
634."Marina L" ('80s Mayfair model)
635.Kimberly Davies (current Australian blonde stunner)
636.Heidi Sorensen (7/81 Playmate)
637.Jacqueline Kennedy
638.Carol Lynley ('60s-'70s blonde star)
639.Rena Horten ('60s blonde Russ Meyer girl)
640.Linnea Quigley (scream queen)
641.Lynn Shaw (late '50s Brit. brunette model)
642.Ellisa Bridges (12/94 Playmate)
643.Lucy Lawless ("Xena")
644.Olivia Pascal (exotic '70s R-rated film star)
645.Marla English ('50s Hollywood brunette)
646.Heidi Becker (6/61 Playmate)
647.Wendy Hamilton (12/91 Playmate)
648.Jean Simmons (classy '50s Brit. actress)
649.Erin Gray (TV's "Buck Rogers")
650.Lynn Carey (12/72 Penthouse; blonde singer)
651.Suzanne Pritchard ('70s bosomy nude model)
652.Juliet Prowse (1960s dancer/singer)
653.Vera-Ellen ('50s star of musicals)
654.Sung Hi Lee (Playboy newsstand editions model)
655.Susie Owens (3/88 Playmate)
656.Echo Johnson (1/93 Playmate)
657.Gaynor Goodman ('90s Brit. blonde pin-up)
658.Linda Cristal (Argentine; TV's "High Chaparral"
659.Mariel Hemingway
660.Gloria Pall ('50s Hollywood blonde)
661.Debra Winger
662.Ava Cadell ('80s-'90s brunette starlet)
663.Lourdes Estores (6/82 Playmate)
664.Kathryn Grayson ('40s-'50s star of musicals)
665.Julia Hayes (Penthouse)
666.Pamela Gordon (3/62 Playmate)
667.Liz Renay ('70s stripper, author)
668.Lorraine Olivia (11/90 Playmate)
669.Monique Noel (5/89 Playmate)
670.Gloria Delaney (black '80s nude model)
671.Ashley Richardson (Sports Ill. swimsuit model)
672.Sarah Jessica Parker
673.Mimi Rogers
674.Shannon Long (10/88 Playmate)
675.India Allen (1987-88 Playmate of Year)
676.Kate Jackson
677.Chasey Lain (porn star)
678.Elsa Martinelli ('60s Italian; "Hatari!")
679.Sarita Montiel (1950s Spanish film star)
680.Lee Remick (sophisticated '60s actress)
681.Samantha Strong ('80s scream queen)
682.Karen Mulder (European supermodel)
683.Suzy Parker ('50s supermodel/actress)
684.Ann Howe (1960s stripper)
685.Samantha Dorman (9/91 Playmate)
686.Jean Shrimpton ('60s British supermodel)
687.Misty Rowe ("Hee Haw" and Marilyn Monroe bio-film)
688.Suzanne Baxter ('60s big-bosom model)
689.Lauren Holly
690.Kristy Swanson ("Buffy, Vampire Slayer")
691.Suzi Simpson (1/92 Playmate)
692.Lydia Cornell ("Too Close for Comfort")
693.Connie Kreski (1968-69 Playmate of Year)
694.Toni Ann Thomas (2/63 Playmate)
695.Florence Griffith-Joyner (Olympic sprinting champion)
696.Maud Adams ("Octopussy")
697.Gabrielle Anwar ("Scent of a Woman")
698.Rosanna Podesta ('50s Italian brunette)
699.Yasmeen Ghauri (Victoria's Secret model)
700.Stephanie Adams (11/92 Playmate)
701.Donatella Damiani ('80s Ital. movie brunette)
702.Avis Kimble (11/62 Playmate)
703.Joanna Lumley ("New Avengers" to "Ab-Fab")
704.Linda McDowell ('70s brunette nude model)
705.Vicki Lamotta (boxer Jake's ex-wife dazzled in Playboy)
706.Stacy Leigh Arthur (1/91 Playmate)
707.Julie Lynn Cialini (1994-95 Playmate of Year)
708.Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
709.Busty Dusty ('90s stripper)
710.Francoise Arnoul (1950s French star)
711.Nicolette Sheridan ("Knots Landing")
712.Angie Everhart (supermodel/starlet)
713.Catherine Oxenburg
714.Iris Chacon (sizzling Puerto Rican TV star '70s-'80s)
715.Jeanne Moreau (worldly '60s French actress)
716.Gail McKenna (late '80s Brit. brunette pin-up)
717.Melissa Holliday (1/95 Playmate)
718.Rita Jenrette (from Congr. wife to Playboy)
719.Fay Spain ("God's Little Acre")
720.Corrine Clery ("The Story of `O'")
721.Vanna White
722.Mercedes Ambrus (late '80s European model)
723.Diana Ross
724.Sherry Britton (1940s brunette stripper)
725.Maryam D'Abo ("The Living Daylights")
726.Barbara Feldon ("Get Smart!")
727.Marie Liljedahl ('70s Swedish movie sexpot)
728.Joan Diener (1950s blonde Broadway star w. 40-inch bust)
729.Machiko Hamamura (1950s Japanese singer)
730.Sheree Winton ('50s British blonde)
731.Beverly Johnson ('70s black supermodel)
732.Joan Leslie (1940s brunette star)
733.Penny Ellington (huge-bosomed '70s model)
734.Silvana Pampanini ('50s Italian brunette star)
735.Hunter Tylo ("Bold & the Beautiful")
736.Gillian Duxbury ('70s Brit. blonde pin-up)
737.Natasha Henstridge ("Species")
738.Donna Ewin (late '80s Brit. pin-up)
739.Joan Blondell (1930s-'40s blonde star)
740.Lorraine Burnett ('50s Brit. blonde nude model)
741.Nia Peebles ('80s black TV beauty)
742.Megan Gallagher (now in "Millenium")
743.Joyce Nizzari (12/58 Playmate)
744.Helen Slater ("City Slickers")
745.Pia Reyes (11/88 Playmate)
746.Ann Sheridan (1940s star)
747.Kata Karkkainen (12/88 Playmate)
748.Joanne Whalley-Kilmer (film "Scandal")
749.Jeanette Starian (1983 Penthouse $1 Mil. Pet)
750.Christine Taylor ("Brady Bunch" films)
751.Arielle Dombasle ('80s blonde French actress)
752.Denise Michelle (4/76 Playmate)
753.Barbara Edwards (1983-84 Playmate of Year)
754.Lisa Hartman
755.Stacey Owens ('80s British nude model)
756.Avis Miller (11/70 Playmate)
757.Sharry Konopski (8/87 Playmate)
758.Courtney Love
759.Samantha Mathis ("Broken Arrow")
760.Donna Summer (sexy disco queen)
761.Kathy Smith (blonde fitness star)
762.Alley Baggett (Playboy newsstand editions model)
763.Stefania Sandrelli ('60s-'70s Ital. actress)
764.Marina Baker (3/87 Playmate)
765.Ashlyn Gere ('90s porn star)
766.Teri Martine ('60s nude model)
767.Morgan Fox (12/90 Playmate)
768.Lorrie Menconi (2/69 Playmate)
769.Stevie Nicks
770.Marta Kristen ("Lost In Space")
771.Tracy Scoggins
772.Silvana Mangano ('50s Italian; "Bitter Rice")
773.Moira Kelly (film "Chaplin")
774.Nichelle Nichols (Uhura in "Star Trek")
775.Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's supermodel wife)
776.Marushka Detmers ('80s European starlet)
777.Lisa Kudrow ("Friends")
778.Persis Khambatta (India-born; 1st "Star Trek" movie)
779.Melinda Messenger (hot new British blonde pin-up star)
780.Jenna Jameson (blonde '90s porn star)
781.Gabrielle Reece (volleyball star and SI swimsuit model)
782.Pat Benatar
783.Carole Bouquet ("For Your Eyes Only")
784.Karen Witter (3/82 Playmate)
785.Shirley Manson (lead singer of rock group Garbage)
786.Amy Weber (Playboy newsstand editions model)
787.Michelle Forbes (from "ST: Next Generation" to "Homicide")
788.Sarah Miles ('60s-'70s Brit. actress)
789.Famke Janssen ("Goldeneye")
790.Sian Adey-Jones (late '70s Brit. blonde pin-up)
791.Kay Parker (porn star)
792.Jennifer Jason Leigh
793.Becky Sunshine ('90s blonde stripper)
794.Marisa Allasio (1950s Italian starlet)
795.Joan Fontaine (1940s star)
796.Carmen Russo ('70s Ital. skin-flick star)
797.Lynda Wiesmeier (7/82 Playmate)
798.Lynne Austin (7/86 Playmate)
799.Lynn Whitfield (TV film "Josephine Baker Story")
800.Sylvia Sorrente ('60s Ital. brunette starlet)
801.Jeanne Crain (1940s star)
802.Helena Antonaccio (6/69 Playmate)
803.Frances Gifford (star of 1940s movie serials)
804.Yvonne Romain ('60s British actress)
805.Marlee Matlin (Oscar-winning actress)
806.Dolly Read (5/66 Playmate, "Beyond Valley of Dolls")
807.Marcy Hanson (1978 Playmate)
808.Carrie Westcott (9/93 Playmate)
809.Sally Kirkland
810.Joanna Cassidy ("Roger Rabbit")
811.Lisa Phillips ('90s bosomy Irish nude model)
812.Carol Connors (chesty '70s blonde porn star)
813.Carole Laure (Canadian actress)
814.Diana Lee (5/88 Playmate)
815.Kirsten Dunst (teen star, "Interview With the Vampire")
816.Daniela Pestova (sexy new supermodel)
817.Shirley Eaton ("Goldfinger")
818.Tiffany Sloan (10/92 Playmate)
819.Justine Grenier (2/84 Playmate)
820.Janie Reynolds (early '70s model, aka Joanne Frawley)
821.Lisa Baker (1966-67 Playmate of Year)
822.Gina Gershon (Showgirls", "Bound")
823.Patricia Arquette (currently in film "Lost Highway")
824.Christiane Rucker (early '70s German blonde starlet)
825.Joanna Cameron ("Pretty Maids All in a Row")
826.Dani Fabroso (zaftig '70s model, aka Mary Waters)
827.Tundi Orwache (1980s Russ Meyer model)
828.Nadia Cassini ('70s Ital. brunette model)
829.Anne Parillaud ("La Femme Nikita")
830.Tawny Kitean (in 2nd run of "WKRP")
831.Terri Lynn Doss (7/88 Playmate)
832.Juliette Binoche ("The English Patient")
833.Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")
834.Kiana Tom ("Flex Appeal" hostess)
835.Cindy Margolis (poster/swimsuit model, cover of 3/97 Sport)
836.Audrey Landers ("Dallas")
837.Amparo Munoz (Spanish; 1974 Miss World)
838.Carina Jensen (1980s Mayfair model)
839.Carrie Leigh ('80s Playboy model)
840.Teri Garr
841.Anne Heywood ('60s British actress; "The Fox")
842.Gabriella Brum (German; 1980 Miss World)
843.Irene Jacob (current French actress)
844.Suzanne Pleshette
845.Faith Hill (country singer)
846.Amanda Donohoe ("L.A. Law")
847.Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Party of Five")
848.Melissa Ann Moore ('80s B-movie star)
849.Talisa Soto ("License to Kill")
850.Kirsten Irmie ('90s British pin-up)
851.Delia Sheppard ('80s B-movie star)
852.Carolyn Jones (original "Addams Family")
853.Donna Dixon ("Bosom Buddies")
854.Susannah Hoffs (The Bangles)
855.Toby Wing (sexy 1930s Hollywood blonde)
856.Steffi Graf (tennis great in the new SI swimsuit issue)
857.Collinson Twins (10/70 Playmates)
858.Natalie Portman (talented current teen actress)
859.Angelique ('90s busty Brazilian nude model)
860.Kona Carmack (2/96 Playmate)
861.Leandra Forrester (1/89 Penthouse)
862.Beverly D'Angelo ('80s blonde star)
863.Angela Bassett ("Waiting to Exhale")
864.Dagmar ('50s TV blonde with 41-inch bust)
865.Madeleine Castle (10/54 Playmate)
866.Marsha Jordan (1970s skin flicks)
867.Suzanne Brecht (late '80s blonde nude model)
868.Laura del Sol (film "Carmen")
869.Peggy Fleming (figure skating champion)
870.Lainie Kazan ('70s singer/actress)
871.Betsy Russell ('80s teen films)
872.Lisa Marie (Tim Burton's girl; "Mars Attacks!")
873.Lola Falana ('70s black actress)
874.Clyda (early '70s bosomy nude model)
875.Virginia Rogers (early '60s blonde nude model)
876.Christina Ricci ("Addams Family" films)
877.Amy Lynn Baxter ('90s stripper)
878.Lisa Marie Scott (2/95 Playmate)
879.Corrine Calvet (1950s French actress)
880.Josie Bissett ("Melrose Place")
881.Busty Brown ('50s stripper)
882.Virginia Fellson ('80s big-bosom model)
883.Sheryl Lee ("Twin Peaks")
884.Ami Dolenz ("She's Out of Control")
885.Lorissa McComas (Playboy newsstand editions model)
886.Kelly Preston (John Travolta's better half)
887.Molly Ringwald
888.Wendy Whoppers ('90s stripper)
889.Lola Albright ('60s actress)
890.Ann Austin (early '60s Brit. nude model)
891.Viviana Natale (recent Italian sexpot)
892.Linda Forsythe (2/70 Playmate)
893.Gloria Estefan
894.Nikki Dial (British porn star)
895.Bette Davis
896.Karen Jensen (gorgeous early '70s blonde TV starlet)
897.Penelope Ann Miller
898.Kim Cattrall
899.Hazel Court ('60s British cult-film star)
900.Brandi Brandt (10/87 Playmate)
901.Mie Hama ("You Only Live Twice")
902.Donalda Jordan (late '50s nude model)
903.Suzanne Mizzi (late '80s blonde Brit. pin-up)
904.Charlene Tilton ("Dallas")
905.Victoria Silvstedt (12/96 Playmate)
906.Martha Smith (7/73 Playmate)
907.Linda Gordon ('70s nude model)
908.Sybille Rauch (early '80s German blonde)
909.Carol Alt ('80s Sports Ill. swimsuit model)
910.Tatjana Simic (blonde in "Flodders" films)
911.Lori Loughlin ("Full House")
912.Laurie Carr (12/86 Playmate)
913.Francoise Dorleac (Catherine Deneuve's sister)
914.Maureen O'Sullivan (Tarzan's original "Jane")
915.Donna Reed
916.Desiree Cousteau (1970s porn)
917.Ami Jo Johnson ("Mighty Morphin Power Rangers")
918.Barbara Osterman (1950s pin-up model)
919.Leslie Caron ("Gigi")
920.Shane Lorrie (early '60s bosomy nude model)
921.Dominique Sanda ('70s blonde French star)
922.Anne Archer
923.Gianna Amore (8/89 Playmate)
924.Beckie Mullen (Playboy newsstand editions model)
925.Michelle Hamilton (3/69 Playmate)
926.Alesha Oreskovich (6/93 Playmate)
927.Lori Shea (Australian blonde, '50s pin-up model)
928.Shawn Weatherly (former Miss USA)
929.Connie Selleca ("Hotel")
930.Ida Lupino (British 1930s-'40s actress turned director)
931.Jennifer Lavoie (8/93 Playmate)
932.Danica McKellar (Kevin's gilfriend in "The Wonder Years")
933.Debbie Gibson (singer)
934.Tabatha Cash (porn)
935.Bonnie Large (3/73 Playmate)
936.Olivia de Havilland ("Gone With the Wind")
937.Catherine Zeta Jones ("The Phantom")
938.Claire Danes
939.Pat Wynn (British big-bosom model 1980s)
940.Janeane Garafolo ("Truth About Cats & Dogs")
941.Shirley Quimby (early '60s nude model)
942.Mindy Farrar (11/84 Penthouse)
943.Nana Visitor ("Deep Space Nine")
944.Karen Alexander (lovely '90s black model)
945.Helena Bonham Carter (British actress)
946.Victoria Paris
947.Jackie Lane ('60s Brit. actress, aka Jocelyn)
948.Mara Lynn ('50s blonde starlet)
949.Venice Kong (9/85 Playmate)
950.Janis Schmitt (2/78 Playmate)
951.Veronica Hamel ("Hill St. Blues")
952.Cathy Dennis ('90s singer)
953.Marta Sanchez ('90s Spanish singer)
954.Lindsay Wagner
955.Jenny Agutter ('70s actress)
956.Amber Lynn (porn star/stripper)
957.Rachel Jean Marteen (8/95 Playmate)
958.Penny Irving (late '60s British starlet)
959.Michelle Carey (sultry '60s brunette actress)
960.Penny Baker (1/84 Playmate)
961.Cherrie Knight ('50s stripper with 44-in.bust)
962.Katharine Ross ("The Graduate")
963.Helen Mirren (British, "thinking man's sex symbol")
964."Brandy" (1991 Pet of Year)
965.Rosie Perez ("White Men Can't Jump")
966.Jackie Walker (1950s brunette, teen pin-up model)
967.Karen Allen ("Raiders of the Lost Ark")
968.Crystal Storm ('90s silicone-enhanced stripper)
969.Claudia Christian ("Babylon 5")
970.Ellen Michaels (3/72 Playmate)
971.Charmaine Sinclair (big-bust model)
972.Kascha (part-Asian porn star)
973.Carol Doda ('60s stripper, original silicone queen)
974.Felicia Atkins (4/58 Playmate)
975.Gloria Guida (sexy Italian '70s actress)
976.Verushka ('60s supermodel; in "Blow Up")
977.Debbie Reynolds
978."Toi" (current black nude model)
979.Emmylou Harris (singer)
980.Diane Keaton
981.Sydne Rome (seductive 1970s actress)
982.Holly Hunter (Oscar winner for "The Piano")
983.Marlo Thomas
984.Suzanna Hayes (1974 Penthouse)
985.Barrie Chase (1960s dancer/actress)
986.Kim Alexis (Sports Ill. swimsuit model)
987.Marilu Henner
988.Cynthia Rothrock (kickboxer turned action-film star)
989.Surrey Marshe (1/67 Playmate)
990.Marjorie Wallace (Miss USA 1973)
991.Connie Chung
992.Nina Carter (blonde 1970s British pin-up star)
993.Charlotte Kemp (12/82 Playmate)
994.Tania Velia ('50s Yugoslavian swimmer, to Playboy)
995.Susannah York ('60s Brit. blonde actress)
996.Joan Bradshaw ('50s brunette starlet/model)
997.Lolita Davidovich (film "Blaze")
998.Julie Andrews
999.Tamlyn Tomita (Japanese actress)
1000.Sherry Jackson ("Star Trek" & Playboy)

Selected Noteworthy Ladies Below Top 1000 (Alphabetical)

1053.Edie Adams (versatile 1950s-'60s blonde actress)
1057.Dean Akerlund (huge-bosomed '70s nude model)
1033.Kirstie Alley
1048.Maria Conchita Alonso (Cuban-born actress)
1069.Madchen Amick ("Twin Peaks")
1023.Sherry Arnett (1/86 Playmate)
1076.Jean Arthur ("Mr. Smith Goes to Washington")
1056.Barbara Bain (original "Mission: Impossible")
1087.Crystal Bernard ("Wings")
1120.Susan Bernard (12/66 Playmate)
1126.Daniela Bianchi ("From Russia With Love")
1081.Jane Birkin (1970s British film sexpot)
1003.Karen Black ("Airport '75")
1152.Tina Bockrath (5/90 Playmate)
1013.Gillian Bonner (4/96 Playmate)
1006.Bobbie Bressee ('80s scream queen)
1127.Dyan Cannon ("Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice")
1055.Rae Dawn Chong
1007.Linda Christian (1940s-'50s actress)
1271.Sharon Clark (1970-71 Playmate of the Year)
1180.Julie Delpy (French; "Before Sunrise")
1034.Susan Denberg (8/67 Playmate)
1379.Laura Dern ("Jurassic Park")
1001.Marie Devereux (buxom 1960s British brunette)
1009.Lulu Devine ('90s stripper)
1070.Celine Dion
1030.Deborah Driggs (3/90 Playmate)
1203.Candy Dulfer (sexy saxophonist)
1039.Kim Evenson (9/84 Playmate)
1097.Chris Evert
1051.Anna Falchi (curvy Italian beauty)
1035.Shirley Ann Field ('60s British brunette actress)
1037.Linda Hamilton ("Terminator" films)
1011.Kristine Hanson (9/74 Playmate)
1095.Jenilee Harrison ("Three's Company")
1226.Mary Hart ("Entertainment Tonight")
1038.Georgia Holden (1950s stripper)
1162.Billie Holiday (jazz immortal)
1082.Olivia Hussey (1968's "Romeo & Juliet")
1248.Anjelica Huston
1049.Amy Irving ("Yentl")
1032.Sandy Johnson (6/74 Playmate)
1045.Nancy Kerrigan (figure skater)
1106.Jane Leeves ("Frasier")
1012.Jennifer Leroy (2/93 Playmate)
1083.Juliette Lewis
1068.Kristina Lindberg (Swedish cult-film favorite)
1014.Jeanette Littledove (late '80s porn)
1287.Shosahanna Lonstein (Seinfeld's curvy young girlfriend)
1004.Sylvia Lopez (sultry temptress in "Hercules Unchained")
1015.Susan Lucci (soap queen)
1093.Shirley MacLaine
1027.Cynthia Maddox (early '60s blonde Playboy cover girl)
1130.Judit Masco (Spanish; Sports Ill. swimsuit model)
1157.Connie Mason (6/63 Playmate)
1029.Gates McFadden ("Star Trek: Next Generation")
1377.Reba McIntyre
1062.Rachel McLish (bodybuilder)
1104.Helle Michaelsen (8/88 Playmate)
1137.Shelley Michelle (body double)
1193.Hayley Mills (young British cutie '60s-'70s)
1197.Dominique Moceanu (U.S. Olympic gymnast)
1008.Dolores Moran (1940s star)
1092.Julie Moran ("Entertainment Tonight")
1133.Alanis Morissette
1094.J.J. North ("Attack of 50-Ft. Centerfold")
1063.Lena Olin (stylish 1980s European actress)
1163.Carre' Otis ('80s supermodel)
1064.Deidre Pagnanelli (fitness model)
1041.Allison Parks (1965-66 Playmate of Year)
1387.Dawn Robinson (of En Vogue)
1121.Holly Robinson ("21 Jump Street")
1280.Lela Rochon (sultry beauty in "Waiting to Exhale")
1072.Victoria Rowell ("Diagnosis: Murder")
1018.Meredith Salenger (brunette '80s actress)
1389.Kristen Scott-Thomas ("The English Patient")
1085.Ingrid Seynhaeve (Sports Ill. swimsuit model)
1108.Helen Shaver ("Desert Hearts")
1181.Gwen Stefani (lead singer for group No Doubt)
1019.Susan Strasberg (1950s-'60s actress)
1370.Meryl Streep
1091.Barbra Streisand
1320.Sherry Stringfield ("E.R.")
1249.Nancy Travis ("Nobody's Perfect")
1020.Leanne Tweeden (Miss Fitness USA)
1213.Amber Valetta (supermodel)
1395.Kimberly Williams ("Father of the Bride" films)
1450.Kate Winslet ("Sense and Sensibility")
1071.Julie Woodson (4/73 Playmate)

Top Playmates In Survey (as of Feb. 24, 1997)


1.Marilyn Monroe (12/53; #1 overall in survey)
2.Jayne Mansfield (2/55; #2 overall rank)
3.Bettie Page (1/55; #5 overall rank)
4.Diane Webber/Marguerite Empey (5/55 & 2/56; #33 overall rank)
5.Eve Meyer (6/55; #129 overall rank)
6.Lisa Winters (12/56; #147 overall rank)
7.Mara Corday (10/58; #184 overall rank)
8.Yvette Vickers (7/59; #200 overall rank)
9.Elaine Reynolds (10/59; #271 overall rank)
10.Jean Jani (7/57; #280 overall rank)
11.Dane Arden/Elsa Sorensen (9/56; #313 overall rank)
12.Ellen Stratton (12/59; #452 overall rank)
13.Arline Hunter (8/54; #512 overall rank)
14.Virginia Gordon (1/59; #571 overall rank)
15.Janet Pilgrim (7/55, 12/55 & 10/56; #620 overall rank)


1.Stella Stevens (1/60; #29 overall in survey)
2.Donna Michelle (12/63; #185 overall rank)
3.Linda Gamble (4/60; #218 overall rank)
4.June Cochran (12/62; #224 overall rank)
5.China Lee (8/64; #251 overall rank)
6.Jo Collins (12/64; #285 overall rank)
7.Christa Speck (9/61; #322 overall rank)
8.Heidi Becker (6/61; #647 overall rank)
9.Toni Ann Thomas (2/63; #695 overall rank)
10.Avis Kimble (11/62; #703 overall rank)


1.Cynthia Myers (12/68; #14 overall in survey)
2.DeDe Lind (8/67; #101 overall rank)
3.Melinda Windsor (2/66; #174 overall rank)
4.Gwen Wong (4/67; #215 overall rank)
5.Claudia Jennings (11/69; #243 overall rank)
6.Victoria Vetri/Angela Dorian (9/67; #274 overall rank)
7.Shay Knuth (9/69; #474 overall rank)
8.Patti Reynolds (9/65; #575 overall rank)
9.Fran Gerard (3/67; #603 overall rank)
10.Connie Kreski (1/68; #694 overall rank)


1.Marilyn Lange (5/74; #85 overall in survey)
2.Liv Lindeland (1/71; #121 overall rank)
3.Karen Christy (12/71; #144 overall rank)
4.Marilyn Cole (1/72; #208 overall rank)
5.Sharon Johansen (10/72; #302 overall rank)
6.Carol Vitale (7/74; #321 overall rank)
7.Carol Imhof (12/70; #482 overall rank)
8.Cyndi Wood (2/73; #490 overall rank)
9.Nancy Cameron (1/74; #527 overall rank)
10.Christine Maddox (12/73; #582 overall rank)


1.Candy Loving (1/79; #67 overall in survey)
2.Dorothy Stratten (8/79; #87 overall rank)
3.Lillian Muller (8/75; #111 overall rank)
4.Patti McGuire (11/76; #191 overall rank)
5.Azizi Johari (6/75; #234 overall rank)
6.Daina House (1/76; #296 overall rank)
7.Debra Jo Fondren (9/77; #301 overall rank)
8.Janet Lupo (11/75; #304 overall rank)
9.Monique St. Pierre (11/78; #558 overall rank)
10.Rosanne Katon (9/78; #604 overall rank)


1.Shannon Tweed (11/81; #93 overall in survey)
2.Kim McArthur (1/82; #103 overall rank)
3.Karen Price (1/81; #128 overall rank)
4.Alana Soares (3/83; #139 overall rank)
5.Patti Farinelli (12/81; #140 overall rank)
6.Karen Velez (12/84; #228 overall rank)
7.Terri Welles (12/80; #289 overall rank)
8.Roberta Vasquez (11/84; #303 overall rank)
9.Lonny Chin (1/83; #316 overall rank)
10.Dona Speir (3/84; #340 overall rank)
11.Marianne Gravatte (10/82; #384 overall rank)


1.Erika Eleniak (7/89; #77 overall in survey)
2.Petra Verkaik (12/89; #84 overall rank)
3.Donna Edmondson (11/86; #125 overall rank)
4.Renee Tenison (11/89; #170 overall rank)
5.Julie McCullough (2/86; #210 overall rank)
6.Kimberly Conrad Hefner (1/88; #250 overall rank)
7.Rebecca Ferratti (6/86; #388 overall rank)
8.Karin & Mirjam Van Breeschooten, "Dutch Twins" (9/89; #426 overall rank)
9.Kathy Shower (5/85; #460 overall rank)
10.Anna Clark (4/87; #509 overall rank)


1.Pamela Anderson (1/90; #16 overall in survey)
2.Anna Nicole Smith (5/92; #18 overall rank)
3.Jenny McCarthy (10/93; #66 overall rank)
4.Julianna Young (11/93; #17 overall rank)
5.Lisa Matthews (4/90; #194 overall rank)
6.Anne-Marie Goddard (1/94; #368 overall rank)
7.Allison Armitage/Brittany York (10/90; #372 overall rank)
8.Neriah Davis (3/94; #393 overall rank)
9.Cady Cantrell (4/92; #428 overall rank)
10.Christy Thom (2/91; #435 overall rank)
11.Traci Adell (7/94; #455 overall rank)
12.Shae Marks (5/94; #467 overall rank)
13.Angela Melini (6/92; #468 overall rank)
14.Christina Leardini (4/91; #478 overall rank)


1.Karin Taylor (6/96; #457 overall in survey)
2.Shauna Sand (5/96; #480 overall rank)
3.Stacy Sanches (3/95; #487 overall rank)
4.Donna D'Errico (9/95; #538 overall rank)
5.Holly Witt (11/95; #573 overall rank)

--Steve Sullivan

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