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Slickrock's Digital Strip Poker: Kelly Monaco

Subject: CD-ROM Review: Digital Strip Poker Featuring Kelly Monaco
From: David Matthews 2 <>
Digest: 208
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:38:33 -0500

As promised, the latest review of Slickrock's Digital Strip Poker game featuring Kelly Monaco.

As always, the rating system is on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best and 1 being not worth burning a disc. I don't give out too many all-5 scores, so it really takes a good program to deserve one. (I'm also sending a copy of this review to the folks at Slickrock so they know what a good job they're doing.)

I'll be adding this review to the Digital Dreams Reviews website sometime over the Christmas weekend. I'll also be reviewing the latest DSP combo series by Slickrock featuring Kelly, Layla Roberts, and Carrie Stevens shortly, since I just got the program tonight.

Digital Strip Poker Featuring Kelly Monaco (Slickrock Software)

After my previous review of Slickrock Software's Digital Strip Poker game featuring model and actress Carrie Stevens, I was a bit curious to see if the same magic would apply to other programs in the series. Kelly Monaco was next on my list of favorites on their web site, so hers was chosen.

Since my first review, Slickrock got into a little bit of heat from some legal wolves in rabbit's clothing for their reference to the fact that the models in their games are memorably associated with a certain "popular men's magazine." So they had to make a few changes to both their web site and their program. (Current users can download the updated game engine at Slickrock's support section of their website.) Fortunately most of the changes were for the better, with the one downside being the removal of the model's introduction clips where they identify themselves as "Miss" and a calendar month.

The new features in the Digital Strip Poker program included a "hand helper", which allows the user to see how their hand rates against other hand combinations. They also gave the user the option to go back to the menu screen or to close the program once the game was over. Both of these features were ones I addressed in the previous review, so I am glad the folks at Slickrock are attentive to customer suggestions. Other adult software developers should learn a thing or two from these folks!

The game itself is identical to other Digital Strip Poker programs. Both you and Kelly start off with $100 and three articles of clothing, and once either side is out of money, you can sell one article of clothing for $100. Once either you or Kelly are out of both money and clothes, the game is over. As with the other DSP programs, this game moves at enough of a pace to ensure that somebody will soon be removing clothes, which is always a plus. The program's artificial intelligence feature also allows Kelly to bluff, which certainly keeps the player on their toes.

As for Kelly's participation in the game, there is a distinct difference to how she plays strip poker compared to Carrie. Whereas Carrie plays the game seductively, Kelly plays the game a bit more casually, as though she's playing against a friend. Still, she plays it with enough warmth to make you want to play the game again and again.

Once again, kudos goes to Slickrock for coming up with a quality program for adults!

Digital Strip Poker Featuring Kelly Monaco (Interactive Game)

Quality: 5
Action/Interaction: 5
Erotic Appeal: 5 (nudity)

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