When appropriate the CHAANGE Program for anxiety recovery is recommended. CHAANGE (Center for Help for Anxiety/Agoraphobia through New Growth Experiences) is an international treatment organization helping people recover from anxiety and live without fear.

The CHAANGE prograrn is a structured, 16-week process involving education and instruction in developing anxiety-control skill s. More than 14,000 people have recovered successfully from severe anxiety through the CHAANGE program since 1979.

CHAANGE is essentially a monitored self-help treatment approach. We offer you "homework assignments" of prescribed exercises, activities, readings, audio-taped information and clear instructions.

CHAANGE is based on a four stage model of treatment

Education (e.g. How anxiety develops; arousal mechanisms; role of stress; secondary depression).

Relaxation Training/Stress Management (e.g. Muscle relaxation; diet changes; exercise; breathing techniques; meditation; recreation and "fun").

Cognitive Restructuring (e.g. "Shoulds", "What ifs", "Black and White thinking", perfectionism, dealing with feelings - especially anger; assertiveness, "Floating Through Anxiety" technique).

Desensitization to phobic situations (e.g. Driving; crowds; being alone; standing in line; public places).

It is worth mentioning that the CHAANGE program has proven itself useful in alleviating the painful discomfort of social phobia, and the on-going pressure of generalized anxiety. The CHAANGE program has also been found to be useful following the onset of post-traumatic stress episodes when the symptoms are extreme and the individual is found to have many of the developmental factors which have placed him or her at risk for a severe anxiety condition.

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