1. Complete CHAANGE program including:

- Workbook

- Interactive audio-cassette tapes (16)

- Two books (paperback)

- Homework materials

- Magazine and journal reprints

- Review sheets

- Ring-binder notebook

In addition, we provide a free subscription to exCHAANGE, our monthly newsletter while you are in the program.

We also include periodic evaluations which help you and us in monitoring your progress.


- $396 U.S. payable upon delivery plus shipping, handling.

- $426 U.S. if paid in four monthly installments.


2. Therapeutic services - Consultation with Dr. Nayman:

Cost - $80. U.S. per hour


3. Pocketbook, Free From Fears, Ann Seagrave and Faison Convington, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987.

Cost - $4.50 U.S. plus shipping and handling.