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Barsaive is rich in legends, folklore, and tall tales. But to discover which is truth and which is fiction, that is the challenge.

-Merrox, Master of The Hall of Records.

On the contents of these books:

Here, in this great library, you have access to two books, one on the newly found adventurer's group named Mynbruje's Heroes, and the other is about a veterant group of adventurers named the Wandering Elements. In each Book, you will find a description of each members of that adventurer's group with their character sheet, a collection of their adventure's logs, a section dedicated to some famous (or should I say infamous) people on the great land of Barsaive that they've encountered, and an account with description of Magical Items that they have or had in their possession.

You have also access to some scrolls collected in my adventures that some Barsaivians may find useful for personal use (like Barsaive's Map). A section is also available with a collection of new Disciplines. And finaly, there is a list of other places to go that worth the effort.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, When you come see me at this library, go to "What's New" to know what I have added since the last update. May you enjoy this book, and come see my work frequently, because I will add books for you to look at . If you want me to keep you informed of the changes of The Hall Of Records, or want to add comments about my work, please send me a letter, and I will answer as soon as I can.

Mirthul, Traveled Scholar of the Hall of Records.

What's New

Mynbruje's Heroes
Wandering Elements

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Mirthul , Traveled Scholar of the Hall of Records

Hire a Windling messenger and send me your thoughts!
Derrat, Dwarf Wizard of the Hall of Records

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