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Kas nyenen te-Tarnis: Shadows of the Darrians 

They were created as bright, docile slaves to a super-race, then abandoned far from their mother planet. They survived and grew to the most dizzying heights of knowledge, to be crushed by their own hubris and flayed by the light of their sun, Tarnis.

A dark shadow loomed over the Darrian race. But they clawed their way back up, more cautious and exprienced, only to find that during their dark times a great Imperium had been built. They are the brightest children of the stars and the galaxy should be shared with them!

A galaxy that is a single, glorious step away. The Spinward Marshes will soon learn the Darrians' fateful lesson; Even the brightest cast shadows.

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Note: The Darrian is Traveller's most underrated and least developped major race, something that I hope to change with this page. I have my own parallel Traveller game universe, however I hope to put non-Darrian related material and all kinds of stuff that players and referee can use in their game sessions.  

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