TL15 Cabby Independent Pilot Robot, KCr78.65

  • Origin: Vilani
  • Availability: Uncommon
  • Minimum TL to manufacture: 14
  • Vol: 6 l Weight: 7 kg
  • Interfaces: NAV, VEH, VID, AUD
  • URP: Str 0 Dex 2 End 2 Int 4 Edu 2 Pri 6 Psi 0 Armor 0.5
  • Power: 6 kw interface
  • Sensors: Basic
  • Control: High Data, Full Command
  • Software: Pilot-4, Nav-4, Emotion Sim-1

The Cabby style robot is more than just a rich man's toy. It can pilot any type of ship with great confidence across charted space. It can easily be plugged into any ship that has the right interfaces. By itself it has no mobility. It requires a power line of 6 kw to function properly.

Its most useful task is to replace dead pilots and blown-up computers in ships damaged in combat. Although it cannot replace all of a ship's computer functions, it can work in concert with the remaining ship ressources.

As with any non-AI equipped robots, it needs reasonable previous knowledge of an area before piloting through it with any ability.

Created by: Pierre-Louis Constantin, 1997.