TL15 Domik Scout Walker, KCr 152.36

  • Origin: Vilani
  • Availability: Paramilitary
  • Minimum TL to Manufacture: 11
  • Vol: 3 kl Weight: 969 kg Armor: 5
  • URP: Str 0 Dex 4 End 18 Int 4 Edu 3 Pri 7 Psi 0
  • Power: Solar Cells, 32 kW (1 kW extra output)
  • Locomotion: 2 Legs, Road Speed 78 kph, Offriad 46.8 kph
  • Comm: Radio=Regional (500 km, LIFE-SLO, NAS, VISU-SLO, AUD, OLF-SLO)
  • Sensors: Basic, Olfactory, NAS (very long range)
  • Controls: Neural 10, Full Command, HoloLink*6
  • Software: Medical-2, Survival-2, Survey-2, Communications-2, Recon-2, Hunting-2
  • Other: Basic LS, Cramped*1, Cargo=19 l, internal emergency kit

The Domik is a dream come true for exobiologists and scouts in the field. Its purpose is to get an observer on the ground, close to the action, with great mobility and independence. The mobile robot (mobot) needs no fuel, but obviously can only move about during daytime. Its communication capabilities and full sensor suite make it an excellent data-gathering tool. Unskilled pilots can simply tell the robot where they want to go and how fast, and what kind of signs to look at.

The Domik mobot is a tall, round egg-shaped vehicle on two strong armored legs. The top of the egg is a transparent dome where data is displayed to the pilot directly onto the dome glass. The dome itself can be made opaque at will. The pilot can enter thru a trapdoor in the front of the vehicle. There is a wide multimodal belt right under the canopy, where tools can quickly be attached or detached. There are no other remarkable features apparent from the outside.

The Domik is a fast, solid robot capable of great feat of endurance. It requires almost no maintenance because all of its systems are sealed. The ISS has praised time and again its survivability and hands-off characteristics. Although not endowed with emotion simulation capabilities, the unique combination of skills mean that often a certain empathy devellops between the ship and the pilot. There are several tales of Domiks bringing back home tragically wounded scouts alive through incredible dangers and hopeless situations.

Created by Pierre-Louis Constantin, 1997.