Character Description

This is version 1.0 of the random Humaniti Appearance table. It is based on data found in the Aliens books and is as accurate as possible. The +- signs should be interpreted as showing a range of value. For example, 10+-2 is 8,9,10,11,12.

Copyright 1996, 1997 Pierre-Louis Constantin. Permission Granted to use and distribute as long as this notice is included. Any modifications to this table should be sent to me for inclusion.

Human Physical Appearance Generation
Eye Color Hair Color Skin ToneHair Length Hair style
2Pink White Golden Shaved Crimped
3Green Platinum Blonde YellowKneeBody Wave
4BrownCopper RedGreyishWaist Tight Curls
5BlueStrawberry BlondeWhiteMid-BackKinked
6Lt. Brown AuburnPinkCrew CutLoose Curls
7Lt. GreenBrownRedShoulderBun
8Lt. BlueRedoliveCollar Unkempt
9Hazel GreySwarthyMid-BackBeard
10Grey BlondeLight brownWaistStraight
11Grey Dark BrownDark brownFloorSpikes
12GoldBlackBlack ear-length Other
11 +- 1 12 +- 1 11 +- 1Vilani
2d6 10 +- 2 9Zhodani
2d6 2 +- 1 3 +- 1Darrian
2d6 - 1 2d6 2d6 + 1Solomani

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