TL15 Expert Medibot, KCr148.55

  • Origin: Vilani
  • Availability: common
  • Minimum TL to Manufacture: 14
  • Vol: 114 l Weight: 182 kg Armor: 0.5
  • Comm: Voder, Direct (LIFE, VID)
  • URP: Str 10 Dex 17 End 8 Int 4 Edu 0 Pri 4 Psi 0
  • Power: Fuel Cell 24 kW, Power Interface
  • Sensors: Basic, Microscopic Vision, Audio=Extra, Olf=Extra
  • Control: High Autonomous, NN 20
  • Locomotion: Legs *2
  • Other: TL15 Holorec, Light Arm*2, Very Light Arm *2, MediKit
  • Software: Medic-4

This softly contoured medical expert is an affordable replacement to a shipboard medic. It has an up-to-date database on any known human disease and performs excellently on any tasks. It is highly specialized and independent in the treatment of patients.

As with any non-AI equipped robot, it can only operate on its area of expertise. It has no possibility for expansion and cannot treat any other species than what it was programmed for. However it can apply knowledge independently. The database module is tamper-proof to prevent any life-threatening modifications outside of a licensed shop.

Created by: Pierre-Louis Constantin, 1997.