TL14 Isotopic Purifier, KCr 87

  • Origin: Solomani
  • Availability: Restricted by permit
  • Minimum TL to Manufacture: 12
  • Vol: 405 kl Weight: 1205 kg
  • Interfaces: Direct (Power), HoloLink (STAT-SLOS)
  • Power: Fusion 300 kW, Fuel: 10 l/year Hydrogen

This device is a large black box with an aperture on top and a series of collector tubes on the front. Its purpose is to break anything put into the collector slot (about 25m^2 ) down into its atomic elements. The matter is turned into plasma by the fusion torch and is captured by a mass-spectrometer. Each element falls down into the collector tubes, as pure as they can be.

A small panel in front allows the user to select which elements goes down into which tubes as well as the power status. The machine can process about 30 L of matter an hour.

Created by:Pierre-Louis Constantin, 1997.