TL14 Rerehnggehle Zudha, Darrian Portable Lawyer, Cr4,600

  • Origin: 0624 Jacent/ Darrian Confederation
  • Availability: Common
  • Minimum Tech Level to manufacture: 9
  • Vol: 0,9 l Weight: 0,45 Kg
  • Interfaces: STAT, AUD

The darrian portable lawyer (also known as the pocket Judasin the Solomani sphere) is one of the unique exports of theplanet Jacent that is used all over the Darrian Confederation andwell beyond.

Even if the darrian system of justice is based on simple premises,it generally proves to be too complex for the average citizen tounderstand. It is not unusual for daryens to spend their lifetimesstudying and researching a single point of law, contention orprevious judgement. These respected citizens, known as the Zudha, areacademicians and while they have the moral authority to act asarbitrators, they generally cannot be distracted from their studylong enough to do so. To remedy this problem, arbitrators relyon the Rerehnggehle Zudha to help them in their work.The portable lawyer is a hand-sized device containingan expert system on darrian law. It includes a condensed libraryof past judgements, a complete version of the actual text of thelaw, and several powerful heuristic routines. The pocket Zudhacomes with many types of interfaces, but usually voice recognitionis the standard. Like most darrian constructs, it is sturdy andresistant to electromagnetic pulses.

With this tool, any darrian citizen is capable of acting as anarbitrator - in fact, most of the cases are settled simply withthe two parties explaining the problem to their own pocket lawyersand the machines then propose a usually viable solution. If oneof the two parties don't fulfill the terms of the agreement, theycan go into human-managed arbitration, but since the arbitrator'spocket lawyers will generally come to the same conclusions, mostpeople prefer to simply agree to the pocket lawyer's terms rightaway.

The pocket lawyer can be used to find when something illegal hasbeen committed, what kind of restitution or punitive damages onecan expect, can scan documents for potential legal pitfalls andother law-related tasks. It can also be programmed withother systems of law, but with much lesser results as there arevery few Zudha who study non-darrian law. Finally,the device contain a voice analyzer and a polygraph that can detect if anyone holding the device properly (the thumb in thehole at the left, fingers wrapped around the green bar at the top)is lying or stressed. This function is rarely used because it`ssomewhat unreliable.

In game terms, Rerehnggehle Zudha gives a DM+2 on any darrianlaw related tasks, DM+1 on other law systems it has been programmedwith. It also cuts task roll times by half.

Created by: Pierre-Louis Constantin, 1997.