TL9 Buster retrofit, KCr 3,792 (truck not included)

  • Origin: Imperium
  • Availability: Military
  • Minimum TL to Manufacture: 8
  • Vol: 1,932 kl Weight: 1,2 t Armor Rating: 6 against slugs, shells and lasers, 1 vs rest.
  • Controls: Electronic, beam-riding teleguidance (30 km range)

Retroffited range truck


The retrofit TL8 "Buster" weapons platform/range truck was a solution of desperation at the end of a decades-long international war in a small system close to the Rim. As the war drove on with no clear winner for its 16th year, and no side could afford more than TL7-8 armor, the generals of one faction hit upon the idea of creating an extremely cheap and expendable quick-strike anti-armor force with minimal logistical demands.

The result was a simple weapon system based on a locally-produced model of the TL8 "Buster" Weapons carrier (page 127 of Reformation Coalition equipment guide or range truck page 362 of TNE). A thick coat of antiballistic carbon cloth, 16 missiles and the laser designators were the only necessary pieces of TL9 required to turn a range of supply trucks into a deadly strike force.

Besides the flexible antiballistic tarp that can be tied down snugly over the truck, a laser designator is installed above or besides the driver's seat. The sight-and-fire designator can be slid over to any front-seat position, but the truck can only fire its missiles from the front. It ships with 4 "package launchers" filled with 4 HEAP Nail tactical missiles each. (page 106 RCEG). While only 2 packages are mounted at a single time, they are made to be replaced en-route, so two packages are stored in the hold. When a package is depleted, it is simply dropped to the ground and replaced by one from the hold. New packages can be airdropped to the battlefield. A package takes 3 rounds to replace with the quick-drop anchoring system.

The Buster weapons platform is not modified in any way, except that the cargo hold is filled with the replacement packages and only room for personnel and personal equipment remains. It can be handled by a single person.

While not designed for survability, these missile platforms have proven quite effective in freeing occupied cities as well as against armor in accidental terrain

Designer's notes: If you don't have any TNE books (and I don't blame you :) any standard TL8 truck will be fine.

Created by Pierre-Louis Constantin, 2000.