TL16 Vasistas Watch Tower, KCr 77,25

  • Origin: Solomani
  • Availability: Public
  • Minimum TL to Manufacture: 13
  • Vol: 5 kl Weight: 0,77 t without reinforced concrete shell. Armor Rating: 10
  • Power: Solar Cells, 0,01 kW (1.5 W extra output)
  • Immobile
  • Comm: Radio=Regional (30 km) RADIO=[SLONASO, AUDIO, SLOCON] Landlines=[NASO, CON]
  • Sensors: NAS (500 m) turret-mounted
  • Controls: Electronic, remote controls
  • Other: Extended LS, Forward Observer*1, Cargo= 117 L

Guard tower image


The Vasistas is a compact, cheap watch tower system that can be added easily to your defense infrastructure! It was designed for personnel and intrusion detection for any small compound or area. Installation is simple, just drop (or airdrop!) the main armature, cover it with reinforced concrete or any material at hand, tune into your radio C3 system and presto! Any creature in its range is instantly classied as to type, number and position. The minitower is completely independent with its solar cell, just the way real men like it. However the remote control links allow it to be added to a large, low-maintenance security infrastructure.

Solomani design at its best! Donít make a home without it.


Created by Pierre-Louis Constantin, 2000.